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Another director who wanted to curry favor with Zhang Lun also posted.

“Haha, I really dont know what kind of methods Red Tiger used to get the prime slots.

I just want to say that this is very unfair, I first want to boycott Red Tiger and boycott Lu Man for her schemes and manipulative actions of making her film popular.”

“Did Lu Man think that since her first attempt at gaining fame through manipulation and schemes was a success, she would succeed every time Let me tell you, if you do it too much, it would make everyone feel disgusted!”

“Haha, surely a PR professional would have so many schemes, now we who film our shows with talent and sincerity really cannot compete with them.”

“Lu Man, dont bring your public relations expertise over here.”

Director Guild: “Director Zhang is one of the most outstanding directors in our country.

It wouldnt be strange to call him a national treasure.

Whereas, Lu Man is so sly that she can only resort to schemes for popularity.

She not only disrespected Director Zhang but also harmed the prospects of a wonderful movie by an excellent director.

Lu Man, its enough! Stop with your schemes!”

Seeing all the posts deriding them, Xiao Cheng boiled with rage.

“F*ck! What kind of people are these! They wanted to suck up to Zhang Lun, so not only are they stepping on us with all their might, but also on Lu Man.

With just a single post on Weibo by Zhang Lun, all of them rushed to scold us, waving their flags and sucking up to him, how disgusting!”

There were also a few people who might have been hired to slander Lu Man or were actual netizens who didnt know the real truth.

“Seeing Lu Man scheme once again is quite interesting, but if she keeps on doing this every single time, its disgusting!”

“Let your talent speak for you! Theres no meaning in using these scheming tactics to gain fame, are we idiots”

Some netizens who were originally sitting on the fence also started to side with Zhang Lun.

However, there were also some who criticized honestly.

“Zhang Luns imagination has declined over the years.

In the recent few years, he always wanted to enter Hollywood, and from his movies, it can clearly be seen how he sucks up to the Western movies.

If we want to see blockbusters, we can directly watch Hollywood movies, why would we want to watch his movies, which dont have any”

“Ever since Hong Men started, Zhang Luns movies only have special effects, there is no longer any story involved.”

“Haha, you guys are hired by Lu Man, right How shameless! As for whether Zhang Luns movies are good or bad, all the real netizens know.

You paid posters, shut your mouth!”

“Im just expressing my view, so now Ive become a paid poster Is it that only those who support Zhang Lun are the real netizens, while those who speak against him are paid posters Ive learned something new today!”

Finally, Lu Mans fans had enough of it.

“Goddess of Fury, please say something! Dont let them be too arrogant!”

Xu Ningxian also beckoned a group of fans to support Lu Man.

However, these directors along with Qiao Luna, Zhang Xiaoying, and several fans of other celebrities completely overpowered Lu Mans fans.

At that moment, a netizen called Slender Master Hand also posted.

“Im a student at the National Film Academy, and I happen to be in the same class as Xiaoying and Lu Man.

Lu Man acts very haughty and arrogant in the school merely because of her good grades.

She often speaks brazenly, saying that she would totally oppress Xiaoying and the other students in terms of grades for the end of semester exams.”

Just from the name, Lu Man could guess that this was probably Yu Jingxian.

At that moment, with Yu Jingxian taking the lead, a lot of Lu Mans classmates came forward to prove Yu Jingxians words true.

This made the netizens feel that everything was really true.

“Too arrogant, it seems like, with just a bit of fame, Lu Man has already become so snobby that she forgot her place.”

“Students, once your rankings and exam results are announced, remember to post them online, then see how Lu Man is embarrassed!”

Xu Ningxian: “Lu Man is not this kind of person at all!”

“She might not be in the past, but how can you be sure that she did not change given that she is a bit famous” Someone questioned.


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