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So, no matter what they did, all the benefits would land up in the hands of Lu Man and Red Tiger !

How did it come to this!

Giving it a thought, they realized that they played right into the hands of Lu Man!

Could it be that right from the start, Lu Man had already planned everything out

At that moment, the publicity team finally understood the feeling of those people who had gone against Lu Man.

The unwillingness to admit defeat yet the strong sense of helplessness at the end.

Zhang Luns assistant Wang Qiu tried to appease him.

“Director Zhang, dont lower yourself to Lu Mans standards.

If you personally argue with her, you would be giving her too much face! Shes just some small character trying to gain fame.

Being able to air her movie at the same time as yours must have used up all her luck of three lifetimes.

Now, if you fight with her, you will be a cats paw!”

Even the publicity team lead chimed in, “Right, Director Zhang, lets not talk to her anymore, we cant let her play us into her hands only to bring more attention to her movie.

Else, what will we become”

Stepping stones for her!

Although Zhang Lun was reluctant to give up, in the end, he could only grit his teeth and let it be.


He would remember this Lu Man !

This time he was played into the hands of a little girl, however, the next time he would turn the table!

In the end, the official Weibo account for Fighting Hero only published one line.

“Let the box office sales speak.”

In Ji Chengs studio, Xiao Cheng patted his chest, “My heart was about to jump out.

Its my first time going against such a big director.”

On the other hand, Lu Man was used to it, she had gone against many famous people!

So no matter how much the netizens bashed her for being scheming, Lu Mans goals were still accomplished.

Aside from the small group of audience who honestly looked forward towards watching Red Tiger , the larger group of netizens who were eagerly waiting for Red Tiger and Lu Man to be embarrassed, also decided to buy tickets so that having watched the movie till the end, they could openly insult Red Tiger and say that there was nothing good about it at all.

Hence, several people pre-ordered tickets for Red Tiger .

On Friday night, Lu Man herself had booked two tickets for Red Tiger .

The first screening was at midnight, and Lu Man planned to watch it with Han Zhuoli.

On the other hand, Zhang Luns Fighting Hero had their premiere a long time ago, but Ji Cheng felt that Red Tigers fanbase wasnt big enough so there was no need to have a fancy premiere ceremony.

Moreover, in the end, ticket sales would speak the most.

So, at night, Lu Man accompanied Han Zhuoli to the old family house for dinner.

Since it had been a long time since Lu Man and Han Zhouli had visited them, Old Mrs.

Han had especially invited them over for dinner.

Hearing that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had already booked the tickets for the first screening at midnight, Old Mrs.

Han said, “Midnight is way too late, we cant hold on till that time.

Zhuoli, book the tickets for tomorrow.

I will go with your grandfather.”

Seeing that Old Mrs.

Han and Old Mr.

Han had the heart to support her, Lu Man was elated and instantly thanked them sweetly.

Seeing Lu Man act so modest, Han Zhuofeng harrumphed, “Its such a mess on the Internet, your movie has to have good results, otherwise, I will be too embarrassed at school.”

Instantly Han Zhuoli shot him a dark look.

“Whether Lu Mans movie results are good or bad, what does that have to do with you”

Even if it concerned anyone, it was concerning him.

Han Zhuofengs mouth twitched.

“She went around everywhere telling everyone that Im her boyfriends younger brother! Now the whole school thinks of us as relatives, so how can it not concern me”

This left Han Zhuoli stunned for a while; his eyes glistening and a curious, blissful smile on his face as he asked coyly, “What did you tell people”

“…” Seeing Han Zhuolis proud, gloating face, Lu Man suddenly did not want to say at all.

Yet the Old Mr., Han was also grinning ear to ear and asked eagerly, “Yes, what did you tell people”

“…” Feeling helpless, Lu Man explained, “Werent you sick before At that time, Zhuofeng came to my class looking for me.

Zhuofeng had just entered school, yet he had already become popular in the school like a male idol, and others happened to misunderstand my relationship with him, so I explained to everyone that he is my boyfriends younger brother.”


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