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“Why would that be worrisome” Just as Han Zhuoli finished talking, he received a call from the old mansion.

“Grandma,” Han Zhuoli greeted.

Something that Old Madam Han said through the phone made Han Zhuoli break out into a smile.

“Yes, I was just talking about that too.

Coincidentally, both of us had the same thought.

Sure, Ill let Lu Man know.”

After hanging up the call, Han Zhuoli said, “What a coincidence! Grandma suggested the same thing.

Just now Grandma called to ask me to bring Mom along to watch the movie with them.

It will be more fun with more people around.

You guys were planning to watch it today, anyway.”

Since Old Madam Han had herself suggested it, Lu Man agreed readily.

Therefore, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man first went to pick Xia Qingwei up.

When Xia Qingwei got to know that she was going to watch the movie with the Han family, she became anxious and spoke nervously, “Together This must be the first time that we are meeting officially.

You children, why didnt you inform me earlier Springing this on me all of a sudden when we have to leave immediately.

I didnt prepare anything at all.”

“You dont have to prepare anything.

Its just a normal gathering.

If you prepared too much, my grandpa and grandma will blame me for it,” Han Zhuoli consoled with a helpless smile on his face.

“Havent Grandma and Auntie come to our house before already You guys have already met, so you dont have to be nervous.” Lu Man held onto Xia Qingweis hand and assured her.

“Didnt you guys have a good chat last time Mom, just be calm and normal, treat it as a gathering amongst friends.”

Xia Qingwei sighed and poked Lu Man lightly on the nose.

“Arent I just worried that it wouldnt be very impolite and I would embarrass you”

Last time, she had only met Old Madam Han and Shen Nuo.

However, this time, she would also be meeting the elder family head, Old Mr.


Even if Lu Man and Han Zhuoli werent in a romantic relationship, she would still feel nervous about meeting Old Mr.


After all, he was not an ordinary old man.

During the wartime, he had aided the country bravely but left at the peak of his success; however, he brought great fame and reputation to the Han family.

Due to his amazing experiences and valor, Old Mr.

Han was deserving of great respect and praise.

“Mom.” Lu Man didnt like hearing this.

“Remember, no matter what, you are never an embarrassment to me.

You are a wonderful person, Mom.

You know your boundaries very well and you are always very polite to everyone.

Theres no need to think that you are one step below others because of anyone, and especially not because of me.”

“I understand.” Xia Qingwei patted Lu Mans hand.

“I was wrong with my choice of words.”

Thinking that she reacted hastily and might have seemed a little anxious, Lu Man felt sorry and said, “Mom, Im not blaming you.


“I know.

You just dont want me to underestimate and belittle myself.

Its just that I was worried that my worry and anxiousness could cause more chaos instead,” Xia Qingwei said gently.

“Mom, youre really exceptionally amazing.

Super duper amazing.” To outsiders, Lu Man was fluent and great at speaking, she never felt a loss at words.

However, while talking to Xia Qingwei, she just couldnt think of appropriate comforting words.

“I know what you mean.” Xia Qingwei smiled faintly and said, “Alright, Im all prepared.

Lets go.”

Therefore, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man drove Xia Qingwei along to the old mansion.

This was Xia Qingweis first time visiting the old mansion.

From afar, even before parking their car, they saw Han Xijin and Shen Nuo waiting at the entrance.

Xia Qingwei instantly recognized Shen Nuo and quickly deduced the identity of the person standing beside her to be Han Xijin.

She didnt expect the two of them to actually be waiting at the entrance.

Amid all her surprise, she was also touched by the Han familys sincerity.

They didnt behave all high and mighty just because of the huge status difference between their two families.

Even though Han Xijin was such a busy man, he still came out personally to welcome them.

However, Xia Qingwei didnt feel that they were doing it because of her.

It was all because of Lu Man.

She could tell that the Hans, Old Mr.

Han, Old Madam Han, and Han Zhuolis parents, did like Lu Man quite a bit.


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