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Only when Lu Man closed her eyes and told herself that, she could finally calm down and try falling asleep.

However, she was worried that she would still be asleep when Xia Qingwei wakes up, hence she slept only for two hours and quickly woke up.

After she had freshened up a bit, she recalled the ruckus the Lu family had raised and took out her phone to search it up on the Internet.

As Tang Zi had brought a lot of people with him yesterday, he was not the only one reporting the news.

The paparazzi had attached photographs and released the news.

Moreover, the netizens who were present there yesterday were also involved in sharing everything they knew on the internet.

Hence the internet exploded with photographs and videos.

Even their conversation uploaded in various forms, from video recordings to textual posts.

At first, Lu Qis fans could not believe it.

They even questioned whether the Lu family mentioned in the articles was indeed Lu Qis family.

Also, in the world, there were many people who shared the same name, or maybe someone intentionally hired an actor to accuse Lu Qi

In the entertainment industry, people often used all sorts of methods to tarnish someones reputation.

Everyone had seen this many times before.

Thus, once the fans started questioning, the paparazzi immediately released photographs of Lu Qis embarrassed figure surrounded by paparazzi.

They even marked out the background to prove that it was indeed at the hospital.

Moreover, the paparazzi had also captured Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang in the photographs.

Hence, Lu Qis fans could barely refute the claims.

Yet, there were still some die-hard fans who refuted, “Who knows when these photographs were taken, maybe they only chose to post it now”

However, the paparazzi said nothing.

But, the next morning, they uploaded the video they had filmed.

Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyangs faces were clearly visible in the video and even their words were all clearly recorded.

The video also recording the embarrassed Lu Qi hastily leaving the hospital.

Even though the scene was messy, it was enough to let others recognize.

This time, even the die-hard fans were speechless.

Could it really have been Lu Qi

If not, why was she so insistent on forcing her sister to turn herself in

Moreover, in the video, Lu Man had emphasized that she would never be the scapegoat.

Due to the uproar, Lu Qis agency released an official statement, stating that this was all a pack of lies and that someone was trying to push the blame onto her.

However, it was futile.

Nobody believed it.

It could be said that from now on, Lu Qis happy days had come to an end.

“Man…” Lu Man heard a soft voice calling her and quickly put her phone down.

Looking upwards, she saw that Xia Qingwei had opened her eyes.

“Mom, how are you feeling” Lu Man quickly strode over to her bedside.

“Im pretty alright.” Xia Qingwei had just woken up and was a little weak.

“Wait here, Ill get the doctor over to take a look,” Lu Man said as she pressed the bell.

Immediately a nurse came over and seeing that Xia Qingwei was awake, she called the doctor.

Upon examining Xia Qingwei, the doctor said, “Not bad, she just needs to rest well.”

At last, Lu Man finally felt a sense of relief.

“Mom, do you want to sleep a little longer”

Xia Qingwei looked at the sky outside and then looked at clock hanging on the wall.

It was already 7 p.m.

“No, Ive already slept for such a long time.

I underwent an operation yesterday, right”

“Yes, the operation was successful.

Now, you just need to rest well.” Lu Man was relieved too.

From now on, she was going to look after Xia Qingwei on her own.

“Yesterday, Lu Qiyuan had brought that mother-daughter pair over.

What happened after” Xia Qingwei was still worried about it.

She anxiously held onto Lu Mans hand.

“Its alright now.

My friend came after that and thus they couldnt do anything to me.

Instead, their behavior was exposed on the Internet and things arent looking too great for them.” Seeing Xia Qingwei worrying, Lu Man held her back and raised the head of the bed a little.

“Mom, rest assured, Ill be fine.

I wont let them get what they want.

Your health is the most important thing now.

You have to rest and get well soon, so dont think about any unhappy matters.”


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