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Hearing Sun Yiwu chuckle, President Yang teeth aches in pain.

He then heard Sun Yiwu say, When a child grows up, they have their own thoughts, and no longer can be controlled.

I can only tell her what you want, as to whether she will agree or not…

President Yang: …

You all are really bullying people!

Alright. President Yang took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Don\'t worry, before this, I didn\'t know that Lu Man was your niece, and I happened to have offended her.

But now that I know it, we will definitely not create trouble for Lu Man.

Haha, alright, Lu Man is just mischievous, please accommodate her a little, Sun Yiwu chortled.

By now, President Yang already started to bite his lips.

Alright, there\'s nothing else, you can continue doing your work, Sun Yiwu said, and suddenly he thought of something.

Right, my relationship with Lu Man is just that of an uncle and a niece, there is nothing dirty about it, I hope that a rumor would not start out and damage Lu Man\'s reputation.

Of course, if it really spread, then although it won\'t be within my control, Lu Man\'s backer can control that.

If he is alerted, then it would not be easy to clean up the mess.

What does that mean There\'s still someone backing Lu Man President Yang hurriedly asked.

Originally, he had really thought of some malicious ideas.

Whether Lu Man and Sun Yiwu\'s relationship was clean or not, he just wanted to use that opportunity to slander Lu Man.

Moreover, at that time, even if Sun Yiwu came to make trouble for him, there would be no evidence.

Xiao Yang, I\'m already helping you a lot because you are a very straightforward person.

I can\'t even dare to offend Lu Man\'s backer.

If you trust me, then lower your head to Lu Man.

If you don\'t, you can find it yourself, Sun Yiwu said nonchalantly, and hung up the phone.

This left President Yang stunned and he kept staring at his phone.

He really did not dare to try nor did he dare to bet.

President Yang, what\'s going on Manager Lin only heard President Yang stuttering a few sentences here and there.

As to what it was exactly, he wasn\'t sure.

Trying to calm down, President Yang took in a deep breath, and said, Regarding Lu Man\'s case, let\'s just leave it at that.

Then how should… Manager Lin rephrased his words under the intense gaze of President Yang.

Then are we going to let her keep doing that to us

We\'ll see if Lu Man stops or not tomorrow, President Yang said, If Lu Man refuses to stop, then we\'ll have Zhang Xiaoying give her gifts and apologize!

Manager Lin was shocked!

What kind of scheme is this

Didn\'t he want to ban Lu Man

In the end, not only did he not ban Lu Man, but he also wanted Zhang Xiaoying to apologize.

Anyway, we cannot afford to offend Lu Man. President Yang\'s fingers tapped the desk lightly.

We can only get Zhang Xiaoying apologize to her.

Inform everyone clearly that no one should go against Lu Man.

No matter what she does, let her be.

Manager Lin: …

Sun Yiwu especially made a call for Lu Man, Sun Yiwu is her uncle.

If you have such a big renowned director as your uncle, you can be this impressive too, President Yang said, It\'s not just Sun Yiwu, there is still Ji Cheng backing her, we can\'t fight them.

Feeling the gravity of the situation, Manager Lin took in a deep breath.


Who would have known that the newcomer Lu Man in the entertainment industry had such a big backer within such a short period of time!

Lu Man\'s luck was just amazing!

If it was just Sun Yiwu, it was one thing, but to also have Ji Cheng, a popular actor as well as an A-list director backing her, it was terrifying! With two A-list directors protecting Lu Man, who would dare to provoke her!

If there\'s some issue, then there\'s no need to be polite with Zhang Xiaoying, President Yang said in a low voice, Zhang Xiaoying sought trouble for herself, digging her own grave.

It was Zhang Lun and Lu Man\'s matter, why did she have to put her nose into it!


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