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Unknowingly, President Yang had already considered Lu Man and Zhang Lun to be of the same standard and Ji Cheng was completely cast aside.

Even as Manager Lin listened, he didn\'t find it out of place either.

If Zhang Xiaoying still stubbornly refuses, then just threaten her to cut her out of the industry, then see whether she readily agrees or not, President Yang said lowly.

Yes. Manager Lin agreed and started leaving.

Wait. But, President Yang suddenly called him back.

Turning around, Manager Lin heard President Yang say, Don\'t wait until tomorrow.

It doesn\'t matter if Lu Man stops attacking, just go and tell Zhang Xiaoying to apologize to Lu Man right away.

To him, Zhang Xiaoying wasn\'t worth caring.

Right now, his attention was completely focused on establishing a good relationship with Lu Man.

It didn\'t matter if he was a bit late.

Better late than becoming her enemy.

Got it. After Manager Lin left, he immediately called Guo Suxin.

This time, instead of having Guo Suxin relay his message to Zhang Xiaoying, he had Guo Suxin pass the phone directly to Zhang Xiaoying and Manager Lin personally talked to Zhang Xiaoying.

Hearing that Manager Lin actually wanted her to publicly apologize to Lu Man and Red Tiger team on Weibo, Zhang Xiaoying lost her temper.

What the h*ll! Why does Lu Man deserve it! I won\'t apologize to her.

Who does she think she is for me to apologize to her I don\'t know how she suddenly even deserves to be mentioned together with me!

They completely don\'t understand!

Her apology won\'t be limited to her dissing Lu Man Lu Man on the Internet before.

Zhang Xiaoying and Lu Man were studying in the same school and even in the same class.

If she just admitted her fault and apologized like this, wouldn\'t it mean that she wasn\'t as good as Lu Man and lost to Lu Man Then, how could she continue staying in that class

Previously, she had boasted and flaunted her achievements in class, making everyone think that Lu Man couldn\'t compare to her at all.

Yet, within a short period of time, she was completely defeated by Lu Man.

How could she still find the face to go to school

Right now, Manager Lin was having an inner battle as he tried suppressing his anger.

He really wanted to humiliate Zhang Xiaoying with her own words.

It should be the other way around!

Did Zhang Xiaoying even deserve to be mentioned with Lu Man

When Manager Lin found out that Lu Man had Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng supporting her, Manager Lin honestly felt that Zhang Xiaoying didn\'t even have the standards to go against Lu Man.

By bothering with her, Lu Man was already giving her enough face.

Don\'t care about whether she deserves it or not.

Your opinion does not matter and you don\'t have to tell me about it either.

This decision was made by President Yang, Manager Lin said coldly.

He was also too lazy to coddle her anymore.

It\'s all your fault, you stirred up trouble first, dragging down the drama along with you.

Right now, you have already caused to production house to make a huge loss.

It\'s not just money, but the company\'s reputation is at a stake too.

If we keep making losses—

Manager Lin paused and then threatened, then don\'t blame the company for any mistreatment.

What do you mean! Zhang Xiaoying\'s face turned pale immediately.

She finally knew to feel a little nervous.

What are you planning to do

Since you caused the company to make a tremendous loss, in the future, the company won\'t you from to star in any of our television shows.

You know, our company targets the popularity market.

If you lose the high traffic popular market, and your popularity falls down, then don\'t even think about starring in any high traffic television shows.

Our company has made a huge loss because of you.

So no matter what, we won\'t swallow it down quietly.

Moreover, we need to have cordial relationships with people from the same industry as us.

You\'re threatening me! Zhang Xiaoying was trembling in rage.

Yes. Manager Lin wasn\'t afraid of being straightforward.

If you wish to continue your career in the entertainment industry, then you have to lower your head today.

Otherwise, there would be nothing to discuss with you in the future.

So, make a wise decision for your career.

Enraged and humiliated, Zhang Xiaoying gritted her teeth tightly.

After a while, she finally breathed out angrily.


After spouting out \'fine\', she didn\'t even bother saying goodbye to Manager Lin and hung up the phone angrily.

Right now, Zhang Xiaoying couldn\'t hate Manager Lin anymore.

As her blood boiled with rage, she almost smashed her phone on the ground.

She was so furious that blood had rushed to her face.

In Chinese internet slang, there are two types of television shows.

\'High traffic\' shows are shows which rely on being a hot topic among public and popularity to generate high viewership ratings, while conscientiously-produced shows are shows which rely on good reviews for viewership ratings and popularity.


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