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She didn\'t even want to think about how her classmates would think if they see that she had admitted defeat to Lu Man.

When she goes back to school, how would she still have any face left!

Guo Suxin walked over and patted her on the back to comfort her.

It\'s like this in this industry.

No matter when, you must know when to fight and when to give in, if not you will lose out even more.

This time, you gave in, but in the future you will definitely have a chance to make your mark.

Today, I\'ll give you a lesson, a person who knows how to bow down will be able to walk even further in the future and reach greater heights.

Today, not only did you give in to Lu Man, but also let yourself mature and grow into a new you.

You will become more mature, become a stronger version of yourself.

Zhang Xiaoying\'s entire face was dark and gloomy.

I understand.

Of course, Zhang Xiaoying couldn\'t write her apology message herself.

Naturally, she found a professional to write it for her and just released it.

However, despite so, Zhang Xiaoying still felt that her face was burning and painful.

Once the content of the apology was edited, Zhang Xiaoying directly threw her phone at her assistant and got her assistant to use her account to send it out.

Even if eventually she was apologizing with her name, Zhang Xiaoying still refused to admit that she has lost.

Lying to herself and others, Zhang Xiaoying felt that as long as she wasn\'t the one who wrote it herself, the one who sent the apology, it didn\'t count that she was the one who was apologizing to Lu Man.

At most, she was only using her account as a medium that was all.

However, only Zhang Xiaoying thought this way.

The netizens didn\'t think this way at all.

Quick, look! Zhang Xiaoying has apologized!

Oh sh*t! Yet another person who was beaten down by Lu Man!

Zhang Xiaoying: Before Red Tiger was released, I released some inappropriate statements.

I sincerely apologize for my words to the director of Red Tiger, Mr Ji Cheng, all the actors and all of the staff members.

Red Tiger is a very outstanding movie.

It was I who foolishly made a judgement and let down the director, all the actors and all of the staff members\' difficult filming.

At the same time, I would also like to apologize to Lu Man for all that I\'ve said to her in the past.

Anything that implied animosity was not my original intention, the meaning was twisted by others.

I might have been rather inappropriate with my words and actions and was misunderstood by Lu Man.

For the inconvenience I\'ve caused Lu Man, I am very apologetic.

Zhang Xiaoying\'s fans immediately left comments below: Xiaoying, you don\'t have to apologize.

You weren\'t at fault.

She was wrong in the first place, and she didn\'t let you talk about her

It\'s only such a small matter and she just had to make you apologize.

She is too petty!

Freedom of speech! You can say whatever you want, other people can\'t care about that!

Xiaoying you didn\'t even say anything at all.

Every word you said made sense.

You didn\'t say anything wrong, why do you have to apologize

Neutral netizens and the Great Army of the God of Fury came over and took a look.

Uh oh.

Oh my, Zhang Xiaoying, who\'s your insincere and reluctant apology meant for

You even call this a misunderstanding, that people twist your words Are you treating all of us as fools

Haha, I\'m not a fan of anyone.

I\'m just a neutral passer-by.

At first, I wasn\'t a fan nor a hater of Zhang Xiaoying and didn\'t have any feelings towards her.

However, after I saw those dumb words that Zhang Xiaoying posted back then, I\'m not even a casual fan of her anymore.

Today, after seeing all this, I\'ve completely been converted to a hater.

Don\'t assume that Zhang Xiaoying has a stubborn mouth, when she released all this it means that she has already admitted defeat.

My God of Fury Lu Man did well!

God of Fury Man: I\'m not targeting you, I\'m saying that everyone here is garbage!

Hahahaha, that\'s right, that\'s right.

Until now, there\'s still no face that my God of Fury Man hasn\'t hit, or anyone that she wasn\'t able to flame.

Zhang Xiaoying, Zhang Xiaoying, what\'s good about you Please grow a heart! Film your shows honestly and properly! You just have to shove your face in front of Lu Man to let her slap it.

Lu Man is also pretty tired from slapping so many faces.


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