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That\'s right.

Every time, Lu Man only focused on filming her show and neither did she ever stir up any trouble nor did she mess with anyone.

Yet there\'s always someone who comes up to slander her, begging her to slap their faces.

Say, what\'s wrong with all these people

As for Zhang Xiaoying\'s insincere apology, Lu Man couldn\'t care less.

For her, Zhang Xiaoying admitting defeat and no more causing trouble for her was already enough.

Therefore, as promised by her, Lu Man stopped posting the viewership rating of Great Desert.

Today, Lu Man actually didn\'t post Great Desert\'s viewership ratings.

Now, I am feeling unhappy.

That\'s right, every morning, the first thing I used to check on Weibo was Lu Man\'s post about the viewership rating of Great Desert.

It has already become a habit.

Now that it\'s gone suddenly, it feels as unbearable like skipping breakfast.

No wonder Zhang Xiaoying apologized, she was just hoping that her apology would make Lu Man stop posting about Great Desert\'s viewership ratings!

Sigh! Not being able to see it makes me feel like I\'m missing something.

I\'m very curious about how much lower the viewership rating for Great Desert got yesterday.

In the end, Lu Man did stop but there were still some curious netizens who went to search through the database and dug up yesterday\'s viewership rating for Great Desert and posted it.

Hence, the spectator netizens who were just having fun watching all this drama happened to see the viewership rating of Great Desert enter the trending search again.

President Yang: …

Manager Lin: …

Even though Lu Man stopped posting, the trend she started never went down!

President Yang, have you forgotten about Lu Man\'s previous profession Suddenly, Manager Lin had a eureka moment.

What President Yang couldn\'t react in time.

Relate Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger, both of them had their publicity done by Lu Man! Manager Lin said, We should let Lu Man publicize Great Desert!

Stunned by this news, President Yang was in a daze and after a few seconds, he finally regained his senses.

Can it work Great Desert\'s viewership rating is not an ordinary low, it\'s already the second from the bottom.

Just let her give it a try, Manager Lin suggested.

However, President Yang frowned.

Honestly, he still had his inhibitions about Lu Man and was already quite displeased with her.

It didn\'t matter that Zhang Xiaoying had to apologize to Lu Man.

After all, to outsiders, it was Zhang Xiaoying\'s personal decision and it had nothing to do with their Great Desert.

However, if they turned to Lu Man for help, they would be publicly admitting their defeat to Lu Man and this was something that President Yang was rather displeased about.

So what if Lu Man had such amazing backers

He still didn\'t want to admit defeat to a little brat.

Moreover, Lu Man had just forced them into such an awkward position.

If not for Lu Man, perhaps Great Desert\'s results although not very great, the results would at least have been mediocre unlike now.

Yet now, he still had to turn to beg Lu Man for help

President Yang\'s expression clearly indicated that he won\'t do it, he just couldn\'t!

Frowning, President Yang grumbled, Lu Man\'s publicity succeeded because Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger were indeed good films.

However, our Great Desert isn\'t really a top-notch show, its quality would still drag it down.

Most of the investment had been pumped into the actors\' salaries.

Therefore, the script and costumes were just average.

Under such circumstances, no matter how amazing Lu Man is, can she still save the dying Great Desert

Actually, Manager Lin wanted to mention that they should not forget how Du Lin became famous.

However, Manager Lin pondered for a moment and guessed President Yang\'s thoughts.

Even if Lu Man was so talented, he still didn\'t want to beg Lu Man for help, and hence Manager Lin didn\'t mention anything.

Go and find a famous public relations team, let\'s see if they can improve the reviews of Great Desert.

Although, I don\'t hope for the viewership ratings to be revived back from the dead, at least it shouldn\'t continue the way it is right now.

The Internet is filled with bad reviews about Great Desert, making us the laughing stock of the television industry, President Yang grumbled.


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