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I didn\'t hear about any such talent in this field recently either! Someone who could come up with such a good idea should have become famous long ago.

Is it the Lin Yi team

No way!

It\'s possible!

The publicity team started analyzing it one by one.

Seeing that President Yang\'s expression was getting worse, Manager Lin hurriedly said, Alright, alright! Now is not the time to praise others\' ideas!

Instantly, President Yang\'s face darkened.

Since there\'s someone who could even come up with such a good idea, why can\'t any of you think of anything!

The publicity team immediately shut up and all of them lowered their heads in shame.

Originally, we were already the laughing stock when our ratings were second to last.

Now everything is just great! Even the only thing holding us up is gone too, now we are at last place. President Yang smacked the table angrily.

It\'s been such a long time already.

Couldn\'t even a single person come up with a good idea at all

Being criticized, Team Leader Liu grumbled mentally.

The public relations team you hired couldn\'t even push Great Desert up.

But now, you are blaming us for not coming up with an idea

President Yang, Rich Princess is climbing the ranks really quick.

Right now, their viewership ranking is already at 20th place! Seeing the latest rankings, Manager Lin exclaimed anxiously.

Meanwhile, Team Leader Liu was on a phone call.

After hanging up the phone he informed, President Yang, Manager Lin, I just entrusted someone to find out about the situation at Lin Yi.

They weren\'t responsible for the promotion of Rich Princess.

Then who could it be Other than Lin Yi, who else is so talented

Could it be… Team Leader Liu stuttered, unwilling to mention the name.

Already frustrated, President Yang scolded him.

Just say whatever you have to say! Why are you stuttering!

Thus, Team Leader Liu said reluctantly, Could it be Lu Man Someone who could come up with such an idea definitely can\'t be a nobody.

Even if it\'s a newbie, if there was such a talented newbie, the news would definitely spread like wildfire.

However, none of this happened.

Lin Yi didn\'t even take it on, so the only one left is Lu Man.

It can\'t be. Manager Lin shook his head and refused.

Lu Man is busy with Red Tiger now.

She just entered the entertainment industry, how could she even have the time to deal with such a difficult case like Rich Princess.

President Yang took in a deep breath and spat out heavily.

If there\'s really no other choice, find Lu Man to help Great Desert.

See if Lu Man has any idea.

We can\'t just let such a lousy show like Rich Princess toss us aside.

If Lu Man can really do it, then let her increase Great Desert\'s popularity!

Manager Lin nodded and instantly gave a call to Lu Man.

Lu Man, I\'m Manager Lin, do you still remember me This time, Manager Lin was a lot more polite with Lu Man.

Hello, Manager Lin. Lu Man also replied politely, Is anything the matter


I\'ve heard that Han Corporation still kept your original position with them Regarding this point, Manager Lin had already got someone to confirm it.

Yes. Lu Man wasn\'t afraid of admitting it.

Then I\'ll just be direct. Manager Lin didn\'t even care that Lu Man couldn\'t even see him at all and still kept his smile on.

I see that your conflict with Zhang Xiaoying and Great Desert is almost over, but Great Desert\'s ratings right now are way low.

We wish to hire you to plan the publicity for Great Desert.

Sorry, I really can\'t do this. Lu Man said, with a tone indicating that it was honestly difficult for her.

Lu Man, it was just a small conflict between us.

However, the conflict was mainly between you and Zhang Xiaoying, you don\'t have any conflict with our company.

Moreover, that tiny conflict is also resolved.

We can still be friends. Manager Lin advised, Please don\'t shut this matter down just because of the conflict earlier.


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