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When did you become such a sweet talker Lu Man stared at him.

Han Zhuoli had an innocent look on his face.

What sweet talker I\'m just speaking the truth.

Lu Man: …

He was really such a sweet talker!

Lu Man could not help but smile on hearing that.

When she entered the shop, Lu Man was still scared of being drenched in sweat upon covering herself up completely.

In the end, both of them compromised a little.

Although Han Zhouli chose long jeans for her, Lu Man chose ripped jeans.

At least through the holes, there could be some wind, right

After Lu Man came back from the changing room, Han Zhuoli suddenly did not even want to let her wear ripped jeans anymore.

Why was it that be it any clothing, when she wore them she always managed to make them seem seductive

It was just normal ripped jeans, yet when she wore it, it fit all her curves properly, emphasizing her long, slender, attractive legs.

Her skin was too fair and with the gaps at the kneecap and the upper thigh, it could be clearly seen, attracting one\'s attention.

Such a teasing view made people\'s heart itch in excitement.

Anyway, Han Zhuoli really wanted to rip open the holes on her jeans right now.

Thankfully, he controlled himself and did not make Lu Man change into a completely covered pair of jeans.

After all, he did not dare to go overboard with his possessiveness.

Fortunately, Lu Man was also not angry, and was willing to compromise and had changed into long pants and thus he should just accept it.

He drove back to school but there was still quite a lot of time for Lu Man to report.

Even now, Han Zhuoli was still a bit reluctant as he looked at her fair skin that teased him and his thumb rubbed her skin lightly, making Lu Man\'s legs to become heated and her legs shivered with his touch.

I\'ll go now. Since it was Sunday, Han Zhuoli did not need to go to the company and thus Lu Man said, You don\'t need to fetch me home, after we report there\'s a class meeting, I heard that they are giving back the results today, and I don\'t know how long it will take, so after I\'m done I will go back home myself.

I\'ll wait for you. When it came to such things, Han Zhuoli refused to give in.

It\'s too hot. Lu Man\'s heart ached for him.

I\'ll find a cafe nearby and wait there, after you\'re done, give me a call, Han Zhuoli said.

Since he was so insistent, Lu Man could only agree.

But before getting down the car, she kept staring at his face and sized him up for some reason.

Finding her gaze adorable and funny, Han Zhuoli pulled her over for a hug.

Completely unprepared for this, Lu Man\'s face directly hit his chest, and the tip of her nose turned red.

Lu Man was just about to rub it when Han Zhuoli rubbed her nose gently.

I didn\'t feel pain when I knocked you, why is your nose red

Lu Man: …

Actually, it\'s not painful, Lu Man said in embarrassment, It just a bit red.

Han Zhuoli helped her rub it, and even though his actions were very light, her nose became even redder.

When Lu Man raised her head, with her moist eyes and red noise, she looked a lot like a rabbit.

At this moment, she did not seem like a small fox at all.

Moreover, Han Zhuoli really liked her a lot this way.

This little girl, when she was being cute, she was really so adorable that it tugged at his heartstring, making him want to cuddle her and melt her into his bones and flesh, and never leave her.

He thought back to when they first met, back then she was like a porcupine, protecting her heart with the harsh spikes on the outside.

No matter who it was, she always maintained a safe distance.

Although she was sly as a fox, she was still weak and meek, making his heart ache for her.

Like an orphan young pup, she was innocent at heart but had to be cunning to protect herself.

Later on, Lu Man finally let him crack the walls around her heart and let him in.

Towards outsiders, Lu Man was still that strong little fox who made people hate her, but when she faced him, she was very meek and adorable.


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