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Zhuang Tingting followed Zhang Xiaoying as she mocked Zhang Xiaoying in her mind.

Zhang Xiaoying was obviously scared, why was she still finding excuses

Lu Man returned to class, and since she had not met Zheng Yuanshi and the other two for the whole holiday period, all of them were quite excited.

As soon as Lu Man came, Zheng Yuanshi and her two friends hugged Lu Man in joy.

Lu Man, you\'re too brilliant!

Exactly! Red Tiger\'s ticket sales are so high, it\'s about to exceed 5 billion already! It\'s already broken Greedy Wolf Operation\'s record.

On the other hand, Pan Xue smiled taking pleasure in other people\'s misfortune.

Now let\'s see what others have to speak in class now! They\'ve been slapped in the face harshly!

Pan Xue did not make her voice lower and spoke in her normal voice making heads turn towards them.

Fan Xiyue\'s facial expression was horrible.

At the start, everyone did not expect Red Tiger to do well, but unexpectedly Red Tiger turned out to be the black horse, breaking several records over the holiday period.

Now we\'re just waiting for results, Zheng Yuanshi said in a low voice, Lu Man, you really have the confidence to get the first place, right I\'m waiting to slap their face!

Exactly, they were too much on Weibo at that time! I just could not stand it! Pan Xue rubbed her hands, if it was not for Lu Man stopping her, she would have gone out and scolded everyone at that time.

Suddenly, Fan Xiyue sneered coldly, Che! Lu Man Although Red Tiger has become popular, it\'s not because of her.

She just managed to rip the benefits from the movie.

Don\'t think that because her movie did well, her exams results would be good too.

Wanting to get the first place Dream on! She\'s all talk but no action.

Even I know to do that.

Fan Xiyue, is it that you feel that your face is not swollen enough, Han Leilei mocked, Before this, didn\'t you mock Red Tiger And now, Red Tiger is a blockbuster.

Alright, you can continue to insult Lu Man.

I will consider this as a blessing from you.

When she mocked Red Tiger, Red Tiger became popular.

Now that she mocks that Lu Man would not do well, Lu Man would purposely do well.

Fan Xiyue was so angry that her face twisted up.

Were they taking her words as well wishes

At that moment, the counselor, Professor Liang came in.

Professor, why haven\'t our results come yet

In the previous years, they would always send our grades via mail, and we would get it during the holidays, why is it taking so long this time

Seeing Professor Liang enter, everyone started to ask one by one.

Silence! Professor Liang stood in front and addressed everyone.

I was about to talk about this.

Everyone quickly became quiet and Professor Liang said again, Everyone knows that every year, our school can send six students to New York University performing arts course as exchange students.

These six students are chosen based on the student\'s grades.

In year four, it would be the overall grades for the first three years.

I think that everyone is interested in this opportunity, and wishes to get it, as for these six places, the school has always been fair and follow the rules, and will only pick the six with the best grades, there is no such thing as to get in through the back door.

The students all nodded, about this point, the school did it quite well.

During the holidays, the school leaders had a meeting to be fair, from this year onwards, the tests for the end of each semester grades will be given out in front of everyone.

Of course, not all will be revealed, we will only show the top ten grades, to let everyone know the differences.

To prevent everyone from having doubts about the fairness of the situation if the results are not revealed.

We will give out the culture lesson test papers.

And the parts where you lost marks in the performing test would be explicitly written on the grades.

We will also include additional marks for internships outside class.

We will make the grades as public as possible, so as to prevent people from doubting the fairness.


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