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With such a score, how is this even called crushing! She is clearly a bully! Crushing plus slapping, Goddess of Fury Lu Man, you can do it!

Xu Ningxian: Congratulations, my Sister Lu Man!

Extremely happy, Lu Man reposted Xu Ningxian\'s post: And congratulations to you too for successfully getting into the National Media University.

The moment this young lady received her acceptance letter, she had excitedly told Lu Man.

Inspired by Lu Man, Xu Ningxian had gotten into the National Media University and chosen to major in Public Relations.

She was still thinking that Lu Man would definitely have her own work studio in the future, so she would definitely need someone who was a public relations major.

Even though Lu Man was the best, Lu Man couldn\'t possibly do everything herself.

How could she be an actor and PR professional at the same time

Therefore, once she would graduate, she would follow Lu Man.

Seeing Lu Man repost of Xu Ningxian\'s post, the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury started congratulating their leader.

Congratulations Xiao Xian!

Congrats congrats!

Study hard! Once you graduate, flame others together with Goddess of Fury Lu Man!


Goddess of Fury Lu Man said she would crush you, and she did! She is just that trustworthy!

Even if Lu Man didn\'t have bonus points, she still had a higher score than Zhang Xiaoying! Rightfully first place!

Those who were mocking Lu Man before, come out! Say whatever you said back then one more time! Is your face hurting

Their faces are probably swollen already!

Only those useless people like them would think that everyone else is as useless as them.

What a good slap, Lu Man! The smack was loud and satisfying!

After the recent wave of face slapping, Weibo was peaceful for quite some time, because of which I was so bored for days.

It\'s great now, I can finally see some face slapping again.

Suddenly, a netizen released a piece of explosive news.

Latest news.

You guys probably still don\'t know.

Previously, that brainless show Rich Princess suddenly rose from the dead and tossed aside its last place ranking and started climbing ranks as if on steroids.

Guess who helped them with their publicity

Don\'t tell me.

I already have someone in mind.

Shivering in fear.

I actually can\'t think of anyone else other than Goddess of Fury Man!

It is Lu Man! Hahahahaha! The same netizen announced, Lu Man fans, you guys really know your idol very well!


Such an average playful thing must have been done by our Goddess of Fury.

Lololol, why is Lu Man so bad! She was still sending Great Desert\'s flopping viewership ratings up onto the top searches every day in the past, making Great Desert even more of a flop than it was.

Finally, Great Desert admitted defeat and thus, Lu Man stopped posting about their ratings, yet in a blink of an eye, she went to help the last place drama squeeze its way up to the 15th place, and sending Great Desert to the grand seat of the last place.

Terrifying, too cunning! But, I like it!

Pity Great Desert!

Great Desert: Who did I offend Suffering.

I sincerely urge all investors to carefully think through before choosing Zhang Xiaoying.

Be afraid of Lu Man\'s bad ties with Zhang Xiaoying.

Whichever show Zhang Xiaoying acts in, Lu Man will ruin it.

It will be hard to deal with a flop.

Surprisingly, Zhang Xiaoying also happened to see this and started shivering in anger.

All these people were too immoral!

Do they want to ruin her acting career

What if those investors really stop asking her to film shows because they are really scared of Lu Man!

Zhang Xiaoying was anxious, fearing that this was really something that could happen.

Leaking another piece of news for you guys.

Great Desert originally thought of finding someone to promote the show too, but they were just too prideful to ask Lu Man and found an ordinary public relations team instead.

Yet who knew that Rich Princess would actually contact Lu Man.

Therefore, by the time the Great Desert lost its pride and finally looked for Lu Man, it was already too late.


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