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Reclining the seat, he scooped Lu Man onto his lap.

He almost did both the actions at the same time, all in one breath.

By the time Lu Man finally reacted, she was already in Han Zhuoli\'s arms.

Right in front of her eyes was his strong, toned hard chest and her back was pressed against the steering wheel.

Although they had reached the Old Han mansion, they hadn\'t drove in yet.

However, seeing Old Han mansion in the front, Lu Man felt very sheepish about being so intimate with Han Zhuoli.

You got too many calls.

I couldn\'t even spend time with you properly even if I wanted to, Han Zhuoli said resignedly, Why are you even busier than I am

Feeling remorseful, Lu Man pecked him on the corner of his lip sympathetically.

There probably aren\'t any more.

However, Han Zhuoli still couldn\'t rest assured.

Hence, he took her phone and put it on silent mode it before throwing it on the passenger seat.

After that, he looked at Lu Man intensely with lust, love and affection.

This young lady was remarkable beyond words!

Back then when she was shooting Red Tiger, the weather conditions were too harsh.

Yet not only did she persevere through it, considering herself no less than tough man, showing no weakness at all, but she also found the time to catch up with her studies despite the hectic and harsh circumstances.

Moreover, her exam results excelled those students who studied daily.

Under Han Zhouli\'s intense gaze, Lu Man was feeling a little uncomfortable and shy.

So she covered his eyes with her hand.

What are you looking at

I\'m looking at my extraordinary, fabulous Man Man. Even when his eyes were covered and she couldn\'t see the love in his eyes, she could still hear his rich and deep love from his deep and thick voice.

Even if Lu Man couldn\'t see his affection filled eyes, she still felt the warmth of his love enveloping her.

Her palm that was over his eyes started becoming warm.

Han Zhuoli didn\'t move her hand away and even though he couldn\'t see her, his lips found their way to hers very accurately.

Cupping her nape, he sucked and kissed her lips tenderly and delicately.

Lu Man moaned softly and subconsciously removed her hands and let them fall limply onto his shoulder as she got immersed in the intense kiss.

Unable to hold himself back anymore, Han Zhuoli held her slender waist and pulled her deeper into his embrace, their hot bodies sticking to each other.

With her waist being held tightly and pressed against his body, Lu Man felt that her waist was about to break and whimpered, My waist.

Seeing her moan, Han Zhuoli laughed lightly.

Sorry, I didn\'t notice.

Aggrieved, Lu Man pinched his waist.

How dare you hold my waist so tightly.

There was limited space within the car and it wasn\'t convenient for them to shift into a more comfortable position.

Therefore, Han Zhuoli could only let go of his hand and kiss her on the tip of her nose.

Lowering his gaze, he saw that this little girl\'s skin seemed more fair than snow, her cheeks had a tint of red, contrasting her fair skin.

Her skin reminded Han Zhuoli of those chewy white boba pearls.

The very next moment, his hot thin lips kissed her burning, flushed cheeks.

How about we head home first

Huh Perplexed, Lu Man blinked her eyes in confusion.

Weren\'t they outside the old mansion already

Finding her reaction amusing, Han Zhouli felt a tingling sensation in his heart.

This little girl was so crafty when she dealt with others, making her competitors hate her until their teeth hurt, but when she was with him, she was like a dumb little girl.

Yet, she wasn\'t pretending at all.

The moment their lips or skin met, she would go into a daze, becoming a little dumb.

Honestly, that was because this little girl didn\'t have her guard on when she was with him.

She knew that with Han Zhouli there, she didn\'t need to worry about anything.

Henc she would become a dumb and confused little girl who relied on him wholeheartedly.

Han Zhuoli bit on her ear lightly.

Dumb little girl, I\'m saying that I\'ll take you back to my home.

This time, Lu Man finally understood the meaning behind his words.

Blushing furiously, she giggled a little.

Turning her head, she nibbled lightly on his chin.

His chin appeared shiny, but it felt a little prickly when she kissed it as he had grown a little stubble.


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