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What about me Old Mrs Han asked.

Crab meat is high in cholesterol.

You two elders shouldn\'t eat it. Han Xijin didn\'t even look up as he answered.

Old Mrs Han: …

Old Mr Han\'s hand froze stone-cold.

He was just about to reach out to grab a crab.

Why did that young brat drag him into this too!


The next day, school officially reopened.

Before lessons began, the counselor Professor Liang brought a girl into the classroom.

When Lu Man took a look she saw that it was actually Lu Qi!

Then, she heard Professor Liang say, Lu Qi is a second-year student from the previous batch.

Earlier on, due to filming schedules, she had to take a year off from school.

Now, she\'s back in school again and from now on, she will be joining our class.

Annoyed, Lu Man pinched between her brows.

She had been negligent.

In the past six months, she had never seen Lu Qi in school, so her days were rather peaceful.

Moreover, later on, Lu Man had gone for filming and hadn\'t attended school for a long time.

After she came back from her filming, there were all sorts of problems waiting for her to solve.

Through her hustle and bustle, she forgot that Lu Qi was also studying here and since she had to met her yet, she became careless.

Now that she thought about it, in her past life, Lu Qi applied for a leave of absence at the start of her second year in university, while sailing through with her career in the entertainment industry calling herself a student of National Film Academy.

Back then, she didn\'t mess with Lu Qi so Lu Qi\'s career didn\'t decline, and rather kept making steady progress.

She filmed one show after another, taking up all kinds of events and interviews.

On the other hand, Lu Man was in jail then, hence she didn\'t know when Lu Qi started school again either.

However, in this life, ever since Lu Qi tried to frame Lu Man, she lost all the opportunities of filming shows.

No variety shows invited her and neither did any business activities.

Lu Qi was bored to death at home, and hence she had no choice but to come back and continue with her studies.

I believe everyone here knows Lu Qi.

She has acted in quite a lot of shows in the past.

She was your senior earlier, but from now on she will be your classmate.

Although Professor Liang was introducing Lu Qi, all the students looked towards Lu Man.

Looked like everyone knew about Lu Man and Lu Qi.

This is awesome! Lu Qi is now Lu Man\'s classmate.

Who knows how exciting it will get between the two of them in the future

Zhang Xiaoying thought gloatingly.

Hello everybody, I am Lu Qi. Lu Qi introduced herself arrogantly.

I think that many people have heard of my name before.

From this semester onwards, I will return to the campus life, please look after me.

Annoyed, Zhuang Tingting mumbled to herself, Look at that arrogance of hers, still daring to say that everyone knows her.

She doesn\'t even have any shows to act now, why is she still pretending

Even Zhang Xiaoying humphed softly in agreement.

After that, Professor Liang said, Next period is practical Performance lesson, right Alright then, I won\'t disturb you anymore.

After Lu Qi got settled, Professor Liang left.

Thus, all the students started heading out, preparing to go to the Performance classroom.

Older sister. A soft and gentle voice called Lu Man from behind.

She quickly recognized it to be Lu Qi\'s voice.

Although annoyed, Lu Man turned around and smiled as Lu Qi walked over.

Older sister, who would have thought that there would be a day where we would be in the same class.

That\'s right, it\'s all thanks to you that I got the chance to come to the National Film Academy, Lu Man said sardonically.

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Lu Qi froze for a little, then said, I… I didn\'t do anything for Older Sister.

Don\'t say that.

If you didn\'t force me to quit school, I would still be studying fashion design now, so how could I come to the Film Academy to study Performing Arts Therefore, I still have to thank you, otherwise, no matter what, I wouldn\'t have made it this far.

Angered, Lu Qi clenched her fist.


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