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When Old Mrs Han did not let Han Zhuoli eat at the table, Old Mr Han had been helping her discriminate against Han Zhuoli.

But now that he had a girlfriend, Old Mr Han suddenly improved his view of Han Zhuoli and had started favoring him over others.

While he and Old Mrs Han changed their clothes, Xiao Chen just happened to reach and then he drove Old Mrs Han to school with Old Mr Han accompanying her.

Even Butler Wang followed as he was responsible for taking care of them.

On the way there, Butler Wang contacted Principal Liu.

The principal and leaders had a separate canteen for themselves, and Principal Liu was having a meeting with a few business partners this afternoon, and he was about to have a discussion over lunch with some veteran artists and a few directors.

But before Butler Wang\'s call, he had just received a call from his secretary, and found out that chaos had erupted in the school.

Although he maintained a smile on his face, he was cursing his luck in his mind.

Principal Liu cursed Lu Qi and now he would never forget her.

It was her first day at school yet she had already started making trouble and she even dared to mess with Lu Man, someone who really should not be offended!

Now, how could Principal Liu have the mood to continue dealing with the business partners.

Even all the people sitting at the table could not compare to Lu Man.

As long as Lu Man was happy, any casual investment would be a big earning for the school.

Hanging up the call, with a troubled look on his face Principal Liu said, Everyone, I\'m sorry, today I have to spoil the mood, something has happened in school.

Something has suddenly cropped up in school, and I need to rush back.

It\'s official matters, how can we stop you, hurry and go. Fortunately, the veteran artists were understanding and did not like to make trouble for people.

Standing up, Principal Liu held up the alcohol cup and apologized.

Thank you everyone for your understanding.

Since today I had to spoil the mood, the next time when I have no work, I\'ll officially apologize.

I\'m extremely sorry for ruining everyone\'s mood today.

What are you saying, your work is important, someone said, Don\'t take it to heart, we don\'t bother about these.

Then everyone else chimed in too.

Before leaving Principal Liu still drank the alcohol in the cup.

Also, before leaving, he called for the waiter and paid the bill for everyone without informing others.

Then Principal Liu hurriedly got in the car, and had his chauffeur drive him back to school.

It was at that moment, in the car, Principal Liu received Butler Wang\'s phone call.

Neither did Principal Liu nor did Butler Wang have each other\'s phone number.

However, Butler Wang was Butler Wang after all.

Finding Principal Liu\'s phone number was a child\'s play for him.

Hello. Principal Liu answered the phone.

Hello, I\'m the butler at the Han old family mansion, my surname is Wang, Butler Wang said politely.

Suddenly, Principal Liu\'s heart was in his throat.

The two Han Family elders rarely made an appearance, let alone make a call to anyone.

Even their butler was a mysterious person.

Just the opportunity of being able to contact them was a very great deal.

Regarding the Han family Butler Wang was referring to, could it be the same Han family as Han Zhuoli

Confused and shocked, Principal Liu subconsciously asked his doubt.

That\'s right, Butler Wang answered firmly.

This left Principal Liu\'s astonished, and his head almost bumped into the car roof in excitement and shock.

Hello, hello, hello! Principal Liu greeted excitedly.

However, Butler Wang did not bother with formalities and asked directly, Have you heard about the rumors in school about Lu Man being maintained

Yes, before your call, I just received a phone call from my secretary, and found out about that, Principal Liu explained with a bitter expression.

I wasn\'t not in school now since I had a business lunch.

However, the moment I found out, I immediately left and right now I am rushing back to school.

Don\'t worry, tell the two elders not to worry too, I\'ll definitely deal with this.


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