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After he tried to appease and calm Butler Wang, Principal Liu\'s heart skipped a bit as it was a big commitment from his side.

This matter wasn\'t a huge one yet it wasn\'t a negligible one too not something either.

If it involved some ordinary student, he wouldn\'t be so worried.

Honestly, after joining the entertainment industry, hardly anyone was pure and virtuous.

Even if they were still in school, being someone\'s mistress or being accused wrong, or being involved in altercations wasn\'t anything new.

The students who were accusing Lu Man weren\'t virtuous too.

Usually, in such situations, once the school authorities solved the matter and pressed it down, it was over.

However, now that it involved Lu Man, this situation had turned into a big deal for Principal Liu.

Moreover, he never imagined that it would reach the he did not think that this thing had spread to the two elderly in the Han Family!

The two elders were even personally looking into this!

This made Principal Liu understand that he was wrong about Lu Man and Han Zhuoli\'s relationship not have a good ending.

Although the two of them were just dating, Han Zhouli really loved her and seemed very serious about her.

He even realised that Lu Man had been accepted by the Han Family and had long gained the affection of the Han family seniors.

Therefore, right then and there, Principal Liu decided to improve his attitude towards Lu Man even more.

Before this, Lu Man was just Han Zhuoli\'s girlfriend in his eyes, but from now on, he would treat Lu Man as Han Zhuoli\'s fiancee!

Feeling Principal Liu\'s anxiety, Butler Wang chuckled and said, I believe that you can definitely deal with it.

I didn\'t call you to make you deal with this, and I want to inform you that after the two elders found out about this, they immediately left for National Film Academy.

Principal Liu: …

D*amn! He was wrong, he could not treat Lu Man as the fiancee of Han Zhuoli.

He should treat Lu Man as the granddaughter-in-law of the Han Family!

Alright, alright, I know now.

I\'m already reaching the school, Principal Liu said hastily and told them that he would wait at the entrance of the school.

The Han elders want to be low-key, and they do not want to create a ruckus over this, so please don\'t make it too big or grand, Butler Wang said.

After all, the two of them were away from the public eye for a long time, and now there were very few people in the world who could recognize them.

The two elders really like this as it was convenient to go out too since they won\'t attract attention.

Thus, Principal Liu noted it down.

After he hung up, he rushed the chauffeur to drive faster.

Upon reaching the school, Principal Liu office waited at the entrance of the school instead of going to his office.

Being informed about his arrival already, the secretary hurriedly rushed to the entrance, carrying a thermos bottle containing tea for Principal Liu to sober him up.

Also, since Butler Wang had told him to keep it low-key, Principal Liu did not tell the other leaders of the school.

After waiting for around a quarter of an hour, a Rolls-Royce Phantom slowly drove towards the school gate.

Principal Liu rushed over, thinking that the Han elders had arrived.

But when the car window rolled down, he realized that it was Shen Nuo.

Madam Han! Principal Liu suddenly tenses up.

As Shen Nuo got down the car, she said, Principal Liu, I took the liberty to come over, sorry for disturbing you.

It\'s not a disturbance, it\'s not a disturbance, it\'s an honor, Principal Liu hurriedly said, Did you come because of Lu Man\'s matter as well

Yes, Man Man, that child is scared we would worry, and would never tell us about these kind of things.

This time, luckily Zhuofeng was around and informed me, and so I rushed over.

Principal Liu was shocked; not only had Lu Man managed to make her way into the Han Family, but she was also liked by her mother-in-law so much.

This girl, how did she do it!

It\'s my mistake that someone bullied Lu Man under my nose, Principal Liu hurriedly apologized.

As if silently agreeing with him, Shen Nuo just smiled, not expressing her disagreement.

Sweating heavily as Principal Liu stood in the sun, he said, You can first sit in the car, it\'s tiring standing outside.


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