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Her heart skipped a beat, she did not think that the school had two big figures they could not afford to offend.

Professor Hong hurriedly invited them in, the smart Secretary Li had long gone to the next room to arrange for a few chairs, letting Old Mrs Han and the rest join in the session by seating at the last row.

As soon as Old Mr Han and Old Mrs Han entered, they saw the Lu Man standing in front of the whole class.

Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie, Lu Man greeted.

Butler Wang.

The students in class were perplexed, they did not know what was going on, and naturally did not know who Old Mr Han and the others were.

But upon seeing how the principal was so polite, and Secretary Li was busying himself to make them comfortable, they knew that they were influential people without knowing them personally.

Thus, when Lu Man greeted the man as Butler Wang, everyone was left speechless.

Nowadays, it was common to see nurse nannies in rich families but not any family could have a butler.

Seeing Butler Wang\'s personality and aura, he was really looked like those intelligent, respectable old butlers of aristocratic families.

Ah, good child! Old Mrs Han caressed Lu Man\'s hair lovingly.

You all are—

With a smile on her face, Professor Hong explained, It\'s the theory session for Performing Arts right now, but we still need to have actual practice, so we had Lu Man come up to perform the act.

Oh, Old Mrs Han understood instantly, and spoke in grievance as her heart ached for her.

I have heard about that degrading incident in the afternoon.

My good child, you must be aggrieved.

There was Zhuofeng to protect me, Lu Man smiled as she tried to make them worry less.

Isn\'t this what he should do Old Mrs Han looked harshly at Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng coughed, and used his index finger to scratch the tip of his nose, and didn\'t dare to meet her gaze.

Professor Hong, I\'m sorry for disturbing your class time, Shen Nuo stood up and spoke firmly.

It\'s just that the rumors concerning Lu Man today have reached our ears.

I\'m Lu Man\'s future mother-in-law, and our family members like Lu Man a lot so we can\'t just watch her be aggrieved and wrongly accused.

Even though it\'s my son who sent her to school, there are rumors flying around that she\'s being maintained by her sugar daddy.

Right, so we especially drove over the car in which she dropped to school that day.

Which one of you saw Lu Man get down from the Mulsanne, stand up now, we can go and confirm whether it\'s the same car! Old Mrs Han said in a domineering tone.

Furious, Shen Nuo laughed coldly.

It\'s just a Mulsanne, and they spread such a horrible rumor, they are really looking down on our family!

At that moment, Zhang Xiaoying and Lu Qi\'s face turned pale.

In her heart, Lu Qi vehemently denied the scene in front of her, saying that it was impossible!

Lu Man really had a boyfriend, and wasn\'t lying

Moreover, her boyfriend\'s family were really that well-off

Hearing Shen Nuo and Old Mrs Han make such big statements as if their standards couldn\'t be matched, Zhang Xiaoying\'s face scrunched up, whose family would consider the girlfriend as part of the family even before she became a fiance

This meant that they had accepted Lu Man, and really loved her.

When all the other classmates heard that, lowered their heads in guilt for believing in the rumors.

Lu Man\'s future\'s husband\'s family had personally came down to dispel the rumors, and they had even driven the same Mulsanne, what else was there to say

Lu Man was really not someone\'s sugar baby or mistress.

Principal Liu, regarding today\'s situation, please investigate it in detail.

The ones who spread the rumors were clearly trying to malign Lu Man\'s reputation! Shen Nuo\'s face was darkened.

When Lu Man just started to advance in the entertainment industry, such malicious rumor started, making people doubt Lu Man and look down on Lu Man, their motive is clearly visible

Shen Nuo already knew that Zhang Xiaoying as well as Lu Qi did not get along with Lu Man.

Her gaze slowly flitted across Zhang Xiaoying and Lu Qi\'s face.

So young yet full of evil thoughts.

Just because you\'re jealous you shouldn\'t slander people.

In the end, it is difficult for people like you to advance anywhere.


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