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Even when Lu Man was mean to people, it was only if the other person came to mess with her first.

If someone didn\'t harm or come with an evil motive, she would never harm them either.

This was what the Han family elders like the most about Lu Man.

She wasn\'t a coward nor a saint, but she could still be kind until she was provoked.

This matter needs to be investigated thoroughly. Principal Liu said, Be it to Lu Man or to the school, this matter won\'t have a good impact.

If we allow it to happen once, then the students would think that they can do as they wish and slander anyone they want.

We can\'t let such a culture grow!

Finding the right time to speak, Lu Man suggested, Lu Qi was the one who informed me about this matter this afternoon.

Why don\'t we ask Lu Qi who she heard it from

Suddenly, Lu Qi\'s expression changed.

She didn\'t expect that Lu Man could drag her into this so easily.

The reason why Lu Qi dared to provoke and mock Lu Man was because she felt that there were several people spreading the same rumor and so Lu Man also couldn\'t be sure that she started the rumor.

Lu Man won\'t have any proof so it would be useless even if she suspected her since she couldn\'t pin the blame on her.

I just heard this rumor going around in school and misunderstood you.

If you have to ask me, I don\'t know either, Lu Qi said shamelessly, being very thick-skinned.

Then who did you hear it from Lu Man asked.

If you said you heard a rumor, there must be someone who told you about it, right

How would I know! There were so many people gossiping about it, I don\'t even know them! Lu Qi said.

Lu Man stared at her silently, studying her for quite a while.

Although Lu Qi clearly felt guilty, she didn\'t dare to look away.

Mustering up her courage, she looked back straight in the eye.

Lu Man snickered.

So I see.

So young, yet all you know to do is to spout rubbish! Old Mrs Han lashed out angrily.

Young lady, don\'t use your own shallow knowledge to judge other people.

Seeing Old Mrs Han seething with rage, Shen Nuo patted Old Mrs Han\'s shoulder comfortingly.

After all, Principal Liu was here, they also couldn\'t force Principal Liu to take any harsh action.

Moreover, Lu Man was a student of this school so at least for Lu Man\'s sake, they couldn\'t blow this up too much.

Acting stern, Principal Liu said seriously, As for the rumor, I hope it ends right here! Don\'t let me hear any fake rumors about Lu Man anymore! Otherwise, even if I can\'t find the original culprit, if I catch anyone spreading the rumor, they will immediately receive disciplinary action!

Lu Qi, since you aren\'t ready to tell who told you this rumor, I will have to punish you first, Principal Liu said authoritatively.

Lu Qi\'s face turned ghastly pale.

So many people were spreading it.

Why do I have to be punished first

Even if a lot of people are spreading it, I\'ve never heard them, but Lu Man did hear you say it. Principal Liu said coldly, I said it before, if I can\'t find the original culprit, whoever is spreading the rumor will receive disciplinary action.

Also, our school will nominate students to go to New York University\'s Performance Major as an exchange student.

Whether or not you had any intention to be an exchange student, for this year, your chance to compete will be cancelled.

No matter how good your results are, even if you are in the top six, or even the first place, you won\'t be given the chance.

Now, blood had completely drained from Lu Qi\'s face.

She really did think of competing for the exchange student spot.

This isn\'t fair! All I did was hear the rumor from someone and seek clarification from Lu Man! Agitated, Lu Qi wailed, Besides, can\'t I just gossip a little during meals

It was at this moment that Lu Qi realized that she had been the cat\'s paw!

Turning around, Lu Qi shot daggers at Zhuang Tingting.

Zhuang Tingting was shocked.

She hurriedly lowered her head, cutting off Lu Qi\'s gaze.

That idiot!

Why is she looking at me!

Hehe. Principal Liu laughed coldly.

If you can name me the person behind this, perhaps I can make your punishment lighter.


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