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Hanging up the phone, Old Mrs Han sighed.

Man Man, this child sure has it tough.

Shen Nuo looked over inquisitively, Old Mrs Han explained.

Today, we simply went to her school and stood up for her.

It\'s such a simple, small matter.

Didn\'t we do this for all our children before Yet, such a small gesture could move and touch, Lu Man so tremendously.

Think about it, how badly was she treated by the Lu family in the past to be moved to the brink of tears by our simple gesture

Shen Nuo said frankly and honestly.

Nevermind, isn\'t it all ok now Our in-law Qingwei is already in good health, and Lu Man is only getting more outstanding than ever.

Now that she even has Zhuoli and us, no one will be able to bully her ever.

She suffered before in the past, but in the future, her life would only get better and better.

Yes. A bit relieved, Old Mrs Han smiled and nodded in agreement.

Lu Man is our granddaughter-in-law now, we will treat her well.


When Lu Man returned home, she heard the melodious sound of the violin.

Ever since Xia Qingwei picked up the violin again, she would always practice it a little at home.

Her skills had improved a lot, and she was gradually returning back to the standard when she was younger.

After a while, the violin stopped playing.

When Xia Qingwei came out holding her violin, she was surprised on seeing that Lu Man was back early.

With a big smile on her face, she said, You\'re back so early today Oh right, Xiao Han is away for work.

After Xia Qingwei placed the violin down, Lu Man pulled Xia Qingwei to sit together.

Mom, there\'s something I need to discuss with you.

What\'s the matter Seeing Lu Man being so serious, Xia Qingwei started to feel nervous.

However, smiling, Lu Man reassured her.

Mom, it\'s nothing bad, don\'t be nervous.

Hearing that, Xia Qingwei finally relaxed a bit.

You scared me, I thought something bad happened to you.

Something did happen, but it has been solved already. Lu Man explained her calmly.

Yesterday, Zhuoli dropped me at the school entrance and Zhang Xiaoying and a few others happened to see us.

Xia Qingwei clearly remembered the name \'Zhang Xiaoying\'.

Previously, when she slandered Lu Man on Weibo, Zhang Xiaoying\'s name had been etched in Xia Qingwei\'s mind.

They didn\'t see Zhuoli, and so told everyone that I was actually a mistress. Lu Man said, And it just so happened that Lu Qi started attending school too.

In the past, she took a leave of absence to film shows, but now that she has nothing to act in, she came back to school again and started in Year Two again, so she\'s in the same class as me.

Worry and concern was clearly visible on Xia Qingwei\'s face.

How will that do You and her in the same class, then—

Mom, don\'t worry, she can\'t compete with me. Lu Man smiled and comforted her.

Otherwise she wouldn\'t have been forced to this stage by me where she has nothing to act.

Even if she\'s in the same class as me, she shouldn\'t even think about troubling me.

Even if Lu Qi wanted to, she should also throw away that thought of scheming against her.

She was no longer the dumb and foolish Lu Man from the past anymore.

It\'s just that Zhang Xiaoying made Lu Qi the cat\'s paw to spread the rumor that I was a mistress in school. Did Zhang Xiaoying really think that because she didn\'t admit it, Lu Man wouldn\'t know the true culprit

At school, seeing the blaming game, she had already figured out how the matter started and would end.

Without waiting for Xia Qingwei to feel nervous, Lu Man quickly explained.

Thankfully, Zhuofeng was in school at that time and immediately told Grandpa and Grandma.

In the end, the two elders immediately came to school with Auntie to stand up for me, and clear my name.

Honestly, Xia Qingwei didn\'t expect that the two elders would rush to come to Lu Man\'s aid.

She was instantly overwhelmed with immense gratitude.

Mom, apart from you, I\'ve never experienced such care or protection from the Lu family.

Right now, I have you, the Han family and I feel exceptionally satisfied and truly fortunate.

I have so many family members now.

That\'s right. Xia Qingwei reprimanded herself.

In the past, because of her health, even though she wanted to protect Lu Man, she didn\'t have the strength.

However, I can\'t lie about Zhuoli and I forever.

Zhuoli is so great and it\'s not like he can\'t be seen by others.

I don\'t want him to be wronged or suffer because of me, it isn\'t like he can\'t see the light of day.

All along I didn\'t think about taking the initiative to announce it publicly.

I have just been afraid that if I announce it, the Lu family members would shamelessly harass Han family.


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