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Not bothering to be polite at all, Han Zhuoli said coldly, I\'ve already told Mr Wang, I have nothing to say to you.

Last time, even though Han Zhuoli was unhappy, for Wang Juhuai\'s sake, he was still rather subtle about it and not as blunt as he was today.

However, since Wang Qianyun had already decided that she wanted to lose face, he wouldn\'t give her any face either.

Brother Han! Wang Qianyun\'s face flushed red.

She suddenly recalled that Zheng Tianming was there too and felt like she was too embarrassing.

Turning around, she harshly shouted at Zheng Tianming.

Get out!

However, Zheng Tianming couldn\'t care less about Wang Qianyun\'s attitude and cursed her in his heart, yet he still kept a smile on his face and didn\'t say a word.

I got him to stay, Han Zhuoli sneered, curling up his lips.

After struggling to speak up for a long time, Wang Qianyun finally said bashfully, Brother Han, I came here this time all for your sake, I just wanted to speak with you privately.

I don\'t want any outsider present.

You are a stranger for me, an outsider actually. Irritated, Han Zhuoli pursed his lips.

I\'m not close to you.

Miss Wang, I\'m close to your uncle Mr Wang, but not you.

How could you say that Wang Qianyun felt greatly hurt and acted coy.

Brother Han, I don\'t believe that you don\'t know about my feelings for you.

I like you.

We have known each other since childhood.

Whenever you visited my uncle\'s place with Uncle Han in the past, you were always with me.

I\'m afraid you\'re so sick that you can\'t think clearly.

Your family always tagged along shamelessly every time we visited and does so even now.

Do you think I don\'t know that Han Zhuoli said rudely.

Honestly, Wang Qianyun was so proud.

So how could she let others talk to her like this

But because the person talking was Han Zhuoli, she just couldn\'t feel angry, only sadness and feeling wronged.

However, it was different for Zheng Tianming and thus Wang Qianyun directed her rage at him and roared angrily.

I told you to get out! Get out!

Zheng Tianming raised his eyebrows high up.

Sorry, I\'m the CEO\'s assistant.

If the CEO asks me to get out, I will get out immediately.

As for you, Miss Wang, you have no authority to order me around.

I got him to stay here, Han Zhuoli said unhappily.

In case my girlfriend misunderstands.

What did you say Wang Qianyun almost thought that she heard wrongly.

What girlfriend!

You… Brother Han, what are you saying

I said, in case my girlfriend misunderstands. Han Zhuoli enunciated each word slowly so that Wang Qianyun could hear him clearly.

Suddenly, Wang Qianyun\'s face clearly showed her complete disbelief.

Brother Han, how could you have a girlfriend You must be lying to me!

She had never heard anything about Han Zhuoli having a girlfriend!

If Han Zhuoli had a girlfriend, how could the media not report it!

This was big news!

Why would I lie to you Han Zhuoli laughed coldly.

Besides, I don\'t even have to inform you that I have a girlfriend.

It\'s just that I don\'t want you to misunderstand and have any hopes.

My girlfriend can get very jealous, so I got Zheng Tianming to stay here as a witness.

So that in case she finds out that I spent time alone in the office with a girl, he can attest that I have nothing to do with that girl.

Each and every single word of Han Zhuoli was a stab to her heart.

The way he talked about his girlfriend, both his words and the meaning between the lines were all filled with love for his girlfriend.

Whereas she, Wang Qianyun, in Han Zhuoli\'s eyes, was just a girl he had nothing to do with!

Honestly, Han Zhuoli completely didn\'t care about Wang Qianyun\'s feelings.

With the single mention of Lu Man, his thoughts were instantly occupied by Lu Man.

He imagined her sprawled in his arms, her sharp chin gently prodding him where his heart was, her beautiful face making a vicious and scary look, warning him to stay further away from other girls and not let them get close to him.


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