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With a disdainful smile on her face, Wang Qianyun mocked, Right, every time I see their movie advertisements saying that they have similar special effects as Hollywood, I can\'t hold my laughter.

They still don\'t know they are being played around like dummies.

On the other hand, all the movies you have filmed never had a mistake in it and there is even a large fan base here.

As long as it\'s a movie you filmed, they would definitely say praise it.

Even if it was totally sh*tty, they would still praise it.

Even the audience here are rich dumb people, otherwise, why would they contribute so much to the box office collection of Red Tiger.

They are yet to see the real world, right now it\'s as if they have never watched a proper, good quality movie before, Wang Qianyun sniggered, This time, Attack Force shall let them know what is a real action film.

Right! Now that Attack Force is about to premiere, the audience is anticipating it a lot and has been praising it online a lot.

Moreover, compared to Attack Force, Red Tiger\'s reviews are just average, Wang Qianyun said.

Ryan said gloatingly, How can Red Tiger even compare to Attack Force Haha, it\'s like a three-year-old child boasting that they run fast in front of an adult.

Before they even grasp their walking skills, they are boasting to run like adults.

At that moment, Liu Chuanhui and Zhang Jian had just come out of the restroom and happened to walk past them.

Originally, Zhang Jian still wanted to go and greet Bourbotte and the others with Liu Chuanhui.

It wasn\'t to curry favor, but rather because Bourbotte was known as the grandmaster of the movie industry, and a few more years later, he would probably be considered a god.

Zhang Jian had a pure admiration for him similar to that of a fan towards an idol.

It would be good to take a photo with Bourbotte.

Yet who knew when they walked closer, they would hear such derisive words.

Instantly, Zhang Jian\'s face turned ugly with unhappiness and anger and he pulled Liu Chuanhui to take big strides towards the venue.

What is it You aren\'t going to greet Bourbotte Although Liu Chuanhui found it strange, he let Zhang Jian pull him away.

Aren\'t you Bourbotte\'s fan

I stopped being a fan today, Zhang Jian grumbled angrily.

What\'s going on After walking further away, Liu Chuanhui asked again.

Zhang Jian finally came to a stop, yet his handsome face was flushed red with rage.

Liu Chuanhui thought about how Bourbotte and the rest had been speaking in English just now, and although he could not understand, he guessed that they probably said something not very nice.

After all, besides for that, Bourbotte and the others did not do much.

Furthermore, Zhang Jian had migrated to Australia with his family in secondary school and had been recruited by a talent scout after graduating from university.

Thus, Zhang Jian\'s English can be said to be very fluent.

Did they say something Liu Chuanhui asked suspiciously.

Let\'s go and find Young Master Han and Older Brother Ji, later on, I\'ll tell you all together later. Zhang Jian finally calmed down.

The two of them found where Han Zhuoli and their team were seated.

Originally, Han Zhuoli\'s seat wasn\'t arranged together with the Red Tiger team.

But how could he leave Lu Man behind to sit alone

Thus, he had insisted to have the organizers change the seat and then sat with the Red Tiger team.

What happened Seeing Zhang Jian and Liu Chuanhui come back with a scowl on Zhang Jian\'s face, Ji Cheng asked, finding it strange.

Just now when passed by Bourbotte and the rest outside.

They were speaking in English and although I could not understand, Xiao Zhang could, and their words made him angry.

I don\'t know what that group of people said, Liu Chuanhui raised his hands in confusion.

Although Zhang Jian had gone overseas at a young age, he was taught well and was loyal to his motherland.

The moment he came back after graduating from University abroad and happened to hear that Ji Cheng was going to film a war film that was about the foot soldiers, he immediately recommended himself and went through all the hardships of filming it.


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