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This director, after being praised by the fans a few times, he already thinks he\'s a grandmaster He\'s so arrogant, it\'s revolting!

Even the reporters offstage started to become unhappy since this one month, they had seen the miracle of Red Tiger.

Even after being ridiculed and derided by others at the start, right now Red Tiger had managed a 5.5 billion box office collection, and working a bit harder, they could exceed 6 billion, and maybe even reach 7 billion, this was already a miracle in the local movie industry!

Red Tiger had already become a sensational movie of the country, their pride!

But now it was being mocked by others, even if it was Bourbotte, a world-class big director, it was still not acceptable!

Not able to stand it anymore, a reporter lashed out.


Bourbotte, do you think that Red Tiger is just an ordinary popcorn commercial movie All the weapons in the show, special effects, martial arts scenes were directed properly and the weapons used be appropriate to the fight scenes.

The main actors had followed the army training regime for three months in order to make it realistic, to fight like real soldiers on the battlefield.

All the details were meticulously thought through and there is no scene in the movie that barely meets the satisfaction level of the audience.

Even the military professionals couldn\'t find any fault with it.

It is the epitome of our movie industry.

If such an amazing movie doesn\'t reach your passable standards, and you look down on it so much, then do you feel that Attack Force can do even better

Instantly, Bourbotte confidently said, Isn\'t that a must Like what you said, Attack Force is definitely of a high standard, and can do it even better than Red Tiger.


Bourbotte, do you mean to say that Attack Force\'s box office collection can surpass Red Tiger\'s, breaking its record A reporter asked, coldly smiling.

No matter whether Attack Force was filmed better than Red Tiger or not, Red Tiger\'s 5.5 billion box office collection was a record-breaker, and it had yet to stop airing, so there was still space for it to rocket high.

No matter how good Attack Force was, no matter how die-hard fans Bourbotte had, could it exceed 5.5 billion box office collection

Suddenly, Bourbotte went into deep contemplation, he had just remembered that Red Tiger\'s box office sales were extraordinary.

Just now, he had been proudly insulting them but had forgotten that point.

But now that the words had been spoken already, what else could Bourbotte say

Sensing the situation, Ryan quickly took over.

The box office collection isn\'t the only criteria to decide whether a movie is good or not.

A good movie needs people to appreciate it, and it also requires people to have high standards for the movie.

Some movies are very deep.

But those who understand it are very rare, then could you say that it\'s not a good movie

Ryan\'s sudden diversion of the topic left the reporters speechless and they didn\'t manage to retort quickly.

At that moment, Lu Man suddenly stood up and walked down.

There were security officers who saw her go to the stage and wanted to stop her.

However, Han Zhuoli stood up coldly and followed behind Lu Man, warning the security officer with his cold gaze.

The event manager instantly recognized Han Zhuoli, and hurriedly pulled the security officers back.

What a joke, they could dare to stop Lu Man, but who would dare to stop Han Zhuoli, this Big Boss

More than half of the entertainment industry was his all right

Offending Han Zhuoli for Bourbotte, this clueless person

That was not possible!

Having heard Bourbotte\'s disdainful words, even the event manager was enraged and at this moment, his heart wasn\'t into his job anymore.

Lu Man walked to the reporter who had asked a question just now.

Can you lend me your microphone for a while

Hearing her voice, the reporter raised his head and was left stunned, he instantly recognized the person to be none other than Lu Man!

The reporter\'s heart skipped a beat with excitement.

After all, who was Lu Man

She was the goddess who managed to ruin a popular actor before she even made a debut in the entertainment industry and when she officially debuted in the entertainment industry, while facing attacks from everyone, she never lost!

The very next moment, the reporter stood up in excitement and passed the microphone to Lu Man.

Yes yes, why don\'t you sit here


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