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Attack Force scheduled airings took up 31.6 percent and ranked first.

White Red Tiger\'s scheduled airings took up 29.8 percent and ranked second.

But the Han Corporation\'s theater chain was powerful, and over there Red Tiger\'s airings were 40.5 percent and ranked first.

While Attack Force\'s scheduled airings were at 0 percent.

Thus, the overall scheduled airings for Red Tiger took up 36.05 percent, ranking first.

Surprisingly, after having its airings being averaged out by Han Corporation\'s theater chain, Attack Force took up just 14.9 percent, even lower than the newly aired animated movie Little Lamb Run Quickly for children aged 12 and below.

Little Lamb Run Quickly\'s scheduled airings took up 16.8 percent, ranking third.

Thus Han Corporation\'s movie theatre chain not airing Attack Force had a drastic impact on Attack Force.

Seeing this, all the netizens broke out into laughter.

Hahahahaha, Mom, I spit out saliva onto my computer, I need to repair it tomorrow.

The Han Corporation is amazing! Earlier, they had given Attack Force more than ten percent of the air time, but now they decided to not air Attack Force at all, it\'s too much! However, I want to say, you did well!

666, this is the first time I found Han Corporation so amusing.

Han Corporation is too domineering!

My Mom asked why I\'m kneeling down and checking Weibo.

Didn\'t anyone find it strange as to why Han Corporation is always helping Red Tiger Before this, when it went against Fighting Hero, Han Corporation was obviously helping Red Tiger, and this time too, they did not give Attack Force any screening slots.

I\'m not saying that Red Tiger is not good, also everyone had seen that Fighting Hero did not match up to Red Tiger.

But Attack Force has a strong foundation and it is definitely better than Fighting Hero.

There is no reason for Han Corporation to lose out on money by not letting Attack Force air in their theatres.

In front of the country, there is no such thing as profits!

There are no idols in front of the country!

What, how did our country come in between this

He\'s looking down on our country\'s movies, in the end, isn\'t he looking down on our country

Did you forget that Han Corporation is the biggest investor in Red Tiger If Red Tiger is embarrassed, it would not be good for Han Corporation as well.

Furthermore, Red Tiger had helped Han Corporation earn a lot already, as for Attack Force, even if the Han Corporation does not earn money, they won\'t lose money too.

The netizen above, don\'t randomly worry, people know how to calculate profits better than you, no matter what, they would not let themselves lose out.

Smiling, Lu Man passed the phone to Xia Qingwei, and looked knowingly at Han Zhuoli.

You made a phone call as soon as you reached here just now to organize the screening times, right

It\'s our land, let\'s teach him how to be a human. Han Zhuoli pursed his lips, he was also bugged and unhappy with Bourbotte and his team\'s attitude.

Anticipating the reviews of Attack Force, even the Xia Qingwei, who usually went to sleep early, was awake till midnight, constantly refreshing Weibo, waiting for someone to express their views.

Seeing that Xia Qingwei\'s eyes were closing, Lu Man tried to convince her to sleep, but Xia Qingwei just did not agree.

How about this, the moment someone posts a review, I\'ll wake you up and tell you about it, Lu Man suggested.

There\'s no need, it\'s almost time, I\'ll just wait for a while more, Xia Qingwei said.

At that moment, Lu Man\'s phone vibrated.

There was a WeChat message notification on her cellphone.

Upon opening it, Lu Man saw that it was on the Red Tiger WeChat group, and Ji Cheng had even added Sun Yiwu to it.

Ji Cheng: Is everyone waiting

Zhang Jian: I\'m waiting.

Liu Chuanhui: I\'m waiting, I want to see what kind of thing these obnoxious people have filmed.

Sun Yiwu: Haha.

Zhang Jian: Oh, Director Sun is also here.

Sun Yiwu: I\'m here, your sister-in-law has also not gone to sleep and is waiting together.

Has Lu Man gone to sleep


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