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Before the competition with Red Tiger even started, they had already lost.

With a fierce gaze, Ryan lashed out at Wang Qianyun.

You claimed confidently that you had a good had a relationship with Han Zhuoli, thus we were hoping that you could help increase the screenings of our movie, but now look at this, you can\'t even help at all!

I… I really don\'t know what\'s going on with Big Brother Han, he never treated me like this before.

Stop giving excuses, I no longer believe your lies! Ryan angrily waved his hand.

You Chinese people are really unscrupulous, just to win you would not give us any screenings at all.

How can this be considered as a fair competition Susanna berated angrily.

Susanna, don\'t bring me into this, Wang Qianyun gnashed her teeth.

I migrated to America when I was young, I don\'t even know this culture or place at all.

Ha. Susanna laughed coldly, cursing Wang Qianyun in her heart.

Although she had migrated when she was a child and had even obtained American citizenship, what was the use of that

Her skin and her morals had not changed.

Ryan and Bourbotte were both extremely furious at Han Corporation\'s actions.

The next day, the official Chinese Weibo of Attack Force fulminated about Han Corporation\'s actions.

If you want to compete, compete fairly, what\'s with not giving us screening times This way, even if you win, it\'s not an honest win.

Is Red Tiger scared Not daring to compete with all their might! As for these biased screenings, Han Corporation needs to give us a proper explanation.

Instantly, the official Weibo account of Han Corporation\'s movie theater chain replied back.

First look at the screenings of Red Tiger\'s in your country, and then look at the screenings of Attack Force over here, we\'re already being very generous, if you want to talk about fair competition, you must first increase the screenings of Red Tiger.

Han Corporation\'s retort was way too domineering!

All their netizens were moved by the domineering reply of Han Corporation showing their patriotism.

Daddy Han Corporation, you\'re so strong!

Right, if you want to request for fair competition, then don\'t push the Red Tiger\'s screenings out! If you want to be fair, then everyone should be fair!

Originally I was a fan of Bourbotte, but this time, no matter whether the movie is good or not, I\'ll support Red Tiger only.

Ji Cheng hurriedly looked for Lu Man.

Lu Man, we\'re very thankful to Young Master Han this time.

The Han Corporation giving Attack Force zero screenings really gave him a scare.

Even though Han Zhuoli was doing this for Lu Man, he was the one who also benefited from it.

This favor was too big!

Zhang Jian and Liu Chuanhui also replied in their group.

Young Master Han really dotes on his wife a lot.

Director Ji, since Zhuoli is supporting us so much, if we don\'t completely subdue Attack Force, it wouldn\'t look good, right Lu Man asked with a sly smile on her face.

Of course! Ji Cheng hit his leg.

If you have any ideas, feel free to say it out, I\'ll support it all the way.

This time, we can\'t do it like the previous times where I found a few friends to publicize the matter more.

After all, the opponent this time is Attack Force, we have to compete on a higher level now level.

I hope that we can make proper use Internet to do publicity this time around.

All kinds of publicity posts, movie analysis, promotions need to be sent out to different media outlets, from posters to mobile advertisements, as kind of information flow should be covered.

Not even contemplating it, Ji Cheng agreed right away.

Alright, no problem! I\'ll send you 20 million yuan now, is that enough

It\'s more than enough, Lu Man chuckled.

You\'re being too generous.

Haha, let\'s not talk about how much Red Tiger will earn.

Even if we end up with no profits, we have to teach these foreigners a lesson they will remember their whole life.

Even if I have to make losses, I\'ll do it too! Ji Cheng said carefreely.

Since you trust me so much, I won\'t let you make any loss, Lu Man said with confidence and asked, Do you want Red Tiger to exceed 7 billion


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