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Lu Man was being kissed by him so fiercely that her back was pressed against the side of the table, his hand supporting her head.

She was completely in his clutches, with no way to run away.

When it came to others, Lu Man did not dare to say for sure, but most things could be controlled.

Be it any kind of circumstance, she could very quickly think of ways to deal with it, and no matter what, she would always be able to take the lead.

However, when it came to Han Zhouli, she was no longer the dominating Lu Man.

No matter what the situation was, facing Han Zhuoli, she was always the passive one, completely dominated by Han Zhuoli.

But she did not hate being dominated, securely trapped in his embrace, if it were someone else, she would probably be very uncomfortable, not liking the feeling of having no power over herself.

But since it was Han Zhouli who was dominating her, she felt extremely safe and not had a care in the world when she was in his embrace.

She preferred to act like a shy, dumb kitten, preferring to be cared for and protected by him.

Finally, after quite some time, Han Zhuoli was no longer fierce as before yet his lips clung onto her lips tightly.

Her soft, plump juicy lips which were tightly pressed against his had a sweet taste to them.

Since you were working, I did not want to disturb you, Han Zhuoli\'s warm lips were still close to her lips and as he spoke they lightly rubbed against hers.

In the end, I got my way, right

Lu Man could not help but laugh, who asked her to love his closeness.

In response, she bit his lip.

That\'s only because I like you.

Han Zhuoli did not think that he would suddenly be seduced by this girl.

Why did she not give any warning when seducing!

Han Zhuoli\'s breathing became heavy, and he carried her up higher.

In his heart, he praised Lu Man\'s decision of moving into a new house.

This new house was quite big and they would not need to worry about Xia Qingwei getting to know about their deeds.

But right now Xia Qingwei was not at home anyway.

She had gone to the clubhouse so that she could practice playing the violin with a few others who had the same hobby.

What are you doing Being hoisted in the arms of Han Zhou, Lu Man felt helpless as she could not do anything at all.

You have seduced me terribly, Han Zhuoli said and kissed her as he took steps towards the bedroom.

I can\'t, Lu Man hurriedly said, I\'m busy with work, it\'s quite a rush.

Taking a deep, heavy breath, Han Zhuoli pressed her against his chest.

I\'m also in a rush here.

Suddenly, Lu Man held in her breath subconsciously.

How about you hold yourself back a bit Lu Man asked nonchalantly, not daring to touch him at all, scared that she would provoke him further.

A bit annoyed, Han Zhuoli chuckled in irritated and pressed her into his embrace even more.

How can I hold myself back

At that moment, Lu Man\'s WeChat which was open on her laptop suddenly beeped.

The notification was probably for a message from those individual media accounts which Lu Man had contacted just now.

Han Zhuoli took a look at the computer screen but still carried Lu Man back to sit.

Sitting on his lap like he was her human chair, Lu Man wanted to get down as she felt very uneasy.

Han Zhuoli\'s body was radiating heat and completely aroused, ready to heat her up too.

Much less to say she was pressed in his embrace, and she could feel his hot, heavy breath on her neck.

Lu Man just moved a bit trying to make herself comfortable when Han Zhuoli put his hot palm on her stomach.

His hot palm caressed her stomach, and although she had a layer of thin T-shirt between his hand and her skin, she still tensed up as she could feel the heat emanating from his palm.

Don\'t move, Han Zhuoli\'s hoarse voice sounded in her ear, his hot breath blowing onto her ear, making her ears go red.


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