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If you are so daring, then you can say it outright, don\'t be a coward and give a veiled scolding! You\'re a big director, do you not even have the courage to do that

Haha, is he referring to the so-called constructive criticism of Bourbotte and his team If the criticism is logical and honest, naturally anyone would accept it positively.

But Bourbotte and his team were just denigrating our local movies and insulted us.

Are you really going to support him so much Not a bit of pride in your bones, you\'ve totally embarrassed yourself, disgusting!

I\'m so sorry, that a mere 6 billion box office collection completely trampled over Fighting Hero.

Such minor results are not even worth mentioning.

To the above commenter, the box office collection has been updated, it\'s already at 6.1 billion now.

Of course, these are only small, insignificant results in Director Zhang Lun\'s eyes.

However, I wonder when Director Zhang Lun will achieve such a small goal

I saw Li Guangshu\'s review just now, praising Attack Force for being deep and insightful, claiming that one needs to watch it at least thrice to get the real meaning behind the movie, purposely trying to make it seem cooler.

Alright alright alright, I get it that you guys feel that local movies have no deep meaning, and it\'s just Hollywood films which are good.

Even if a film about wind blowing, you will analyze deeply as to why it is blowing southward, and what is the speed of the wind, right

Hahahaha, it\'s really like the above post, they\'ve been kneeling in awe of them for so long they can\'t even stand up anymore.

At that moment, Zhang Lun\'s disciple, Director Wang Shuyi came to his aid.

If you don\'t know anything, don\'t spout nonsense! You guys aren\'t professionals, so you can\'t tell even analyze Attack Force.

Non-professionals watch it for fun while the professionals look at the art.

You guys won\'t understand it at all.

We may not know, but we also do not need to know.

I\'m just telling you guys, we, the audience, will decide whether a movie is good or not.

For whom are you filming the movie It\'s for us, right Whose money are you earning It\'s our money as the audience.

If you film a movie we cannot understand, do you expect us to clap and say it\'s good as the wind What right do you have! You aren\'t pleasing the audience at all.

If you guys feel it that it\'s good, then why don\'t you in the director\'s group, after all, we don\'t have that level of IQ to understand it, so don\'t put it in the theaters to confuse us.

Haha, you guys who are sucking up to Bourbotte are disgusting! So what if you manage to get into Bourbotte\'s good books What advantages can he give you He clearly expressed his contempt and looked down on every Chinese citizen, is that you think he could be your friend and take you to Hollywood Dream on!

Wake up quickly, don\'t embarrass yourself! Seeing that people like you are A list directors, I\'m completely disgusted! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

These sarcastic, derisive, reprimanding comments of netizens comments made the people who were sucking up or wanting to suck up to Maxus Company and Bourbotte embarrassed and enraged.

A certain director: This is a great artwork, you need to experience it with great focus and watch it a few times to completely grasp the meaning and logic behind it.

This movie is at a level that Red Tiger can\'t even imagine reaching.

Lu Man, your smalls tricks are only insulting a great movie, you should use cheap tricks against Attack Force.

It\'s a rare great work, don\'t ruin it.

Lu Man, don\'t you make use of Attack Force for your schemes.

Red Tiger cannot even compare to ten percent of Attack Force.

Seeing these comments, Han Zhuoli\'s face darkened.

These people are really stupid.

Old age is getting onto them, sooner or later they will be replaced by the younger generation.

The younger generation is not as weak-willed as them.

Lu Man casually replied to Weibo post to tell her not to exploit Attack Force for her schemes and added a smile emoji.

I originally did not think of using Attack Force for my schemes.

It\'s a movie with a bad reputation among the audience already, so I would be giving it too much of an importance to use it for my schemes.

However, I still thank everyone for mentioning Red Tiger and my name, helping us increase our popularity.


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