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Clearly, just now when she said that Han Zhuoli was getting engaged, it wasnt just an excuse.

Moreover, apart from Lu Man and Xia Qingwei, the rest of the Han family was present too.

It couldnt possibly be that Han Zhuolis fiancée was still in the house and not out yet, right

Besides, if it had nothing to do with Lu Man, then why would Lu Man be there for Han Zhuolis engagement

Suddenly, Wang Qianyun recalled that during Attack Forces premiere, when Lu Man had dashed up to the front to confront Bourbotte, Han Zhuoli had been backing her, standing behind her like a protector.

He was so reliable, and so… gentle at that time.

Moreover, when Han Zhuoli stood behind Lu Man, it gave off a feeling as if the two were really close and intimate, they looked so beautiful, complementing each other.

Back then, she had a rather bad feeling and had felt that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man seemed to be really close.

At that time, she refused to accept and thus, had lied to herself and others, reassuring herself by saying that Han Zhuolis could never be Lu Man.

However, today she saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man coming out of Old Han mansion with her own eyes.

The next second, it was useless even if Wang Qianyun was reassured herself by saying she had misunderstood.

Because Han Zhuoli stretched out his long arm and wrapped it around Lu Mans waist.

The two of them were so intimate, it was obvious even if she was blind.

She then looked at other Han family members who were grinning from ear-to-ear.

They really seemed to love Lu Man to bits.

Honestly, Wang Qianyun found it to be incredulous.

The Han family was still a famous renowned, rich, aristocratic family.

It was one of the greatest households in the country, werent they too negligent and careless when it came to choosing their granddaughter-in-law

They even wanted Lu Man, an actress of such an ordinary caliber

Moreover, they even seemed to really like her.

At that moment, Wang Qianyuns anger shot straight up to her brain and without thinking, she opened the door and dashed out.

“Uncle Han!” Wang Qianyun called out loudly.

Suddenly, someone came in front of them, almost scaring them.

Frightened, Old Mrs.

Han patted her chest and was shocked to see her.

“Where did this girl come from How could she be so rude”

But wouldnt Old Mrs.

Han have guessed it already

She clearly said it intentionally.

However, Wang Qianyun forced out a smile.

“Grandma, I am Wang Qianyun, my uncle is Wang Juhuai.

In the past, Uncle Han frequently brought Big Brother Han over to my uncles place.”

Seeing her act so coy, Lu Man secretly placed her hand on Han Zhuolis waist and pinched him.

How could this girl just appear out of nowhere and call him Big Brother Han

Unfortunately, Han Zhuolis entire body was too solid and his muscles were as hard as rocks.

Let alone pinching him, the muscles at his waist were also so solid that he could barely feel anything.

Just as she wanted to pinch, her fingers slipped.

Her weak amount of strength was no different from scratching an itch to Han Zhuoli.

Not only did he not find it painful, he even felt Lu Mans soft finger pressing against his waist a bit sensual, making his heart speed up accordingly.

His heart was leaping around like a wild horse, galloping happily.

“Uncle Han.” Wang Qianyun didnt really get any reaction from Old Mrs.

Han and turn to look at Han Xijin.

“Do you still remember me”

“Oh, Miss Wang.” Han Xijin was on good terms with Wang Juhuai.

In the past when he met Wang Qianyun at Wang Juhuais place, because of his relationship with Wang Juhuai, he would call her Qianyun.

However, recently because of Wang Qianyuns clingy and scheming behavior, he felt that Wang Qianyun had changed a lot from when she was younger and didnt really like her anymore.

Moreover, just now during lunch, everyone in the family had shown their displeasure towards Wang Qianyun.

Especially Shen Nuo; she hated Wang Qianyun a lot.

How could Han Xijin still dare to call her that

Wasnt that just like committing suicide

Thats right, he was afraid of his wife, so what

Moreover, Han Zhuoli was already engaged to Lu Man and he wasnt unhappy with Lu Man in any way either.

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