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Chapter 669: Intense Animosity

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Moreover, Wang Qianyun was at loggerheads with Lu Man, so naturally, he would side with his to-be daughter-in-law.

Instantly, the smile on Wang Qianyuns face froze.

“Uncle Han, why… why are you calling me like were so distant You can just call me Qianyun as usual.”

The next moment, Shen Nuo shot a cold look at Han Xijin.

In his life, Han Xijin had never thought that his friendly nature would create such trouble for his son and thus he looked at Shen Nuo resignedly.

He was very innocent too.

However, Shen Nuo glared at Han Xijin, indicating that she would settle the score with him once they were home.

Turning her head, she then said politely yet distantly, “Miss Wang, is something the matter”

“Auntie,” Wang Qianyun called.

“I finally come back home to China, so I wanted to pay a visit to Grandpa and Grandma, as well as Uncle and Auntie so that I could let my uncle tell about you all when I head back.”

Raising her eyebrows, Shen Nuo scoffed, “Didnt you say you were an American What come back home”

Wang Qianyun: “…”

Wang Qianyun could really feel Shen Nuos intense animosity.

“Auntie, perhaps there might have been a misunderstanding” Wang Qianyun said immediately, trying to appease her.

“Since childhood, my father and uncle have always reminded me that I am a Chinese and even often practiced speaking Mandarin with me so that I will not forget my roots—”

“If I remember correctly, you went to America with your family after you graduated from primary school, right You spoke Chinese in this country for ten-plus years, but after going to America, you suddenly forgot ten years of Chinese language and still need to practice it” Shen Nuo said sarcastically.

On the other hand, Han Xijin stealthily tugged at Shen Nuos sleeve, hinting at her not be so blunt.

However, this was precisely Shen Nuos temper.

Towards those who she didnt like or didnt have a good impression of, she would definitely not tolerate them.

However, as the wife of the current head of the Han family, there was really not a lot of things she had to tolerate.

Thus, Shen Nuo directly smacked Han Xijins hand away.

“Miss Wang, our family is busy today, its not convenient for us to attend to a guest today, we can talk about it another day.”

Seeing her indifference, Wang Qianyun glanced at Lu Man.

“Big Brother Han, your girlfriend is Lu Man”

“No,” Han Zhuoli declined calmly.

Hearing his answer, Wang Qianyun let out a sigh of relief and the corners of her mouth also curled upwards into a smile.

However, before she could break into a complete smile, Han Zhuoli said, “She is now my fiancee.”

The very next second, Wang Qianyuns smile froze on her face once again and she shot daggers at Lu Man.

This woman, how was she even compatible!

Seeing her attitude, Han Zhuoli frowned his eyebrows and moved Lu Man behind him, protecting her and blocking Wang Qianyuns gaze.

“Miss Wang, please have some dignity.”

Wang Qianyun suddenly broke into scornful laughter.

“Big Brother Han, you always said you didnt have a girlfriend, how did a fiancee appear out of nowhere”

If someone heard these words, they would definitely overthink.

Han Zhuoli had always hidden his girlfriends existence, what was he thinking

Did she embarrass him

Was she not worth knowing

But these disdainful words of hers were ineffective against Lu Man.

Naturally, Han Zhuoli also knew that this little trick would not create a rift between him and Lu Man, but still darkened his face in anger.

“Wang Qianyun.”

Suddenly, Wang Qianyuns heartbeat sped up.

At this moment, she suddenly realized that even though she had always been calling him Big Brother Han, Big Brother Han, he had never called her by her first name ever.

It had always been a one-sided show where she was chasing him and he didnt even spare her glance or acknowledge her.

Only sometimes when he was really annoyed, he would call her “Miss Wang.”

He had never called her Qianyun, not even when they were young.

“I spared you some face because of Mr Wang Juhuais sake.

However, since you shamelessly keep throwing your face on the ground, I shant be polite either.” Han Zhuoli said coldly, “Today, you come over not just to seize the opportunity to suck up to the seniors in my family, but also because of the screenings of Attack Force, right”

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