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Chapter 682: Willful Because He Had Money

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” Attack Force , get lost! Ryan, get lost! In the future, Ill boycott all the movies by Maxus Company! Its because you guys are enabling them, and your silence is a sign of support, thats why theres this kind of idi*t like Wang Qianyun.

This kind of person dares to post things that look so bad and insults people on social media publicly, yet you guys dont bother about it and even promoted her and increased her salary.

This is not an understandable action.

Attack Force and Maxus Company have expressed their support for these words, is that what you guys were thinking”

After those words were published, the netizens responded.

Instantly, the situation changed.

Wang Qianyuns insulting words were ascribed to the Maxus Company and Attack Force ; netizens were saying the two also had that kind of attitude so Wang Qianyuns words could represent Maxus Company and Attack Forces thoughts.

At this time, Maxus Company was anxious, and even the higher-ups far away in America were moved into action.

It was in the middle of the night over in America, and the CEO of Maxus Company gave a call to Ryan to ask about what was going on.

What could Ryan say

Of course, he would push Wang Qianyun out to take the blame!

“Quickly solve the problem!” Jacoby said angrily.

Being woken up and told this kind of horrible thing in the middle of the night, Jacoby was already extremely angry.

Furthermore, the company had invested a lot into this movie, and the Attack Force that they had placed their hopes on was a flop, causing Attack Forces box office to be reduced by half around the world.

Although it was not to the extent of making a loss, compared to the amount of investment, the earning was too pitiful.

The most important thing was that the current Attack Force had become a joke in the Hollywood industry!

Yet this thing had yet to be solved when this scandal of Wang Qianyun came out.

It was really one trouble after another.

“Yes,” Ryan said, hardening his heart.


How could he solve it

It was in the middle of the night in America, and he had already contacted the Public Relations Department of the company, but if he waited till they climbed out of bed to gather in the middle of the night, then discuss a solution, everything would be over here.

Ryan did not dare to put all his hopes on the Public Relations Department, and so he contacted the public relations teams here.

Yet whod have known that the most famous Lin Yi would not want to accept it Ryan gave a very high price, but the boss of Lin Yi, Wei Zilin, rejected it still.

He was willful because he had money as he said, “Firstly, Im a good friend of Han Zhuoli.

Miss Wang was rude to Lu Man, so I wont help Miss Wang.”

The first reason already made Ryan feel troubled.

“This is an official matter, how can you let private matters affect you”

“Im just someone whos unable to separate work matters and private matters,” Wei Zilin said mildly.

Ryan: “…”

Alright, who let Wei Zilin be born in the Wei Family, which was one of the eight big families He was willful because he had money.

He did not care and also did not want to do this favor for Maxus Company.

Even if it was the CEO himself, Jacoby, who asked, it would still not have been possible.

“Secondly, Miss Wangs words and Bourbottes words before have insulted my country, as well as our citizens.

So, no matter what the reason is, I wont help you.”

Wei Zilin did not lack for that bit of money from Maxus Company.

He was willful and had logic, and his reason was very good.

It was because he loved his country that he was against all actions that looked down on his country.

As to other public relations companies, those that were not big enough would be unable to take the case.

If the netizens found out, they would be attacked as well.

The good thing was that there were still public relations companies that did not care about them insulting their country, nor cared about being attacked by netizens.

Everything was good if they had money.

So they took up Ryans case.

Yet until now, they were not able to control the situation very well.

The netizens anger was increasing more and more, and emotions seemed to be spreading.

The people who were against them seemed to increase more and more.

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