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Chapter 692: She Deserved It

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“She deserves it! Seeing that Lu Qis career is still dead, I can stop worrying.”

Xia Qingyang saw that piece of news and shrieked in shock.

It made Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi jump in shock.

“Why are you getting so shocked and scaring people” Lu Qiyuan asked, annoyed.

Recently, hed really been getting more and more annoyed with Xia Qingyang.

In the past, when Lu Man the disobedient “enemy” was in the house, Lu Man could not compare to Lu Qi in any way.

Her studies werent as good as Lu Qis, her work wasnt as good as Lu Qis, and she also wasnt as smart and quick-witted as Lu Qi.

All day long, Lu Man had been like a block of wood, boring and uninterested.

She also kept pulling a face at home, like the whole family owed her something.

Moreover, with Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi constantly subtly putting Lu Man down, it made Lu Qiyuan look down on Lu Man.

Every time, when he occasionally got a little more satisfied with Lu Man and felt that maybe Lu Man wasnt as bad as he thought, Xia Qingyang and Lu Qiyuan would start to brainwash him and make Lu Qiyuan even more sick and annoyed of Lu Man.

Lu Man originally did something good, but it would also become bad.

Sometimes, Lu Qiyuan would also think about Xia Qingwei.

He would remember that Lu Man was his and Xia Qingweis daughter.

She was the eldest daughter whom he loved so dearly back then.

But once again, without leaving any trace, Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi would start talking about how bad Lu Man was and get rid of all the thoughts in Lu Qiyuans mind.

As they had a common enemy, Xia Qingyang always appeared as the victim.

Every time, it was her and Lu Qi who were being bullied by Lu Man.

It made Lu Qiyuan feel that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi were both gentle, kind, but weak and easy to bully.

Back then, Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were both against Lu Man.

They used both of their fighting powers on Lu Man.

As for Xia Qingyang, since it is always darkest under the candlestick, Lu Qiyuan couldnt see Xia Qingyangs flaws.

And even more, because Lu Man was always “bullying” her, he felt that Xia Qingyang was gentle and weak, just like she was when he first met her.

The two of them had a common “enemy,” and so they were each others greatest ally.

Hence, all the more that they couldnt see each others flaws.

Eventually, Lu Man left the Lu family and her life even got better and better, thriving and prospering.

Not only did she become a god-like character in the public relations industry, but the movies she was the lead in only got better and better.

Her first movie, Greedy Wolf Operation, was the previous record-holder of the highest box office, and her second movie, Red Tiger, became the new record-holder of the highest box office.

She created her own record and broke her own record.

Lu Mans career got better and better while Lu Qis only got worse and worse.

Xia Qingyangs energy and spirit were greatly unlike before.

She was always unsatisfied with this and that, always chasing Lu Qiyuan to think of a solution, yet making him embarrass himself over and over again.

Without Lu Mans “veil” that beautified her, Xia Qingyang revealed her true colors, leaving nothing hidden.

Lu Qiyuan could no longer find any trace of gentleness or attractiveness from Xia Qingyang and got more annoyed with her.

Xia Qingyang was still in the shock that Lu Man had created and didnt notice the difference in Lu Qiyuans tone.

“Its Lu Man.

The internet is saying that the contract Lu Man signed with Red Tiger agreed to give her a share of the box office.

Red Tigers box office is more than 8.9 billion.

Even though we dont know how much Lu Mans share is, even if its just a small percentage, its already a lot of money!” Xia Qingyang said.

Lu Qi was violently shocked.

“Where did they say that”

“On Weibo.” Xia Qingyang looked at it.

“Its already on the top trending.

You can go and take a look at it yourself.”

Lu Qi hurriedly went onto Weibo to take a look and naturally saw the netizens mocking her too.

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