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“Hey, we werent disturbed at all, and besides, you have already moved, he wouldnt come again anymore.” After the old neighbor mentioned this, he didnt say anything else.

Lu Man thanked him again and hung up the phone.

“Whats the matter” Han Zhuoli asked.

Lu Man told him about it.

“He would probably try to find me in school on Monday.

Since I already know about it beforehand, he couldnt possibly find me.”

“Oh, so thats what is going on.

Dont worry, he wont be going on Monday,” Han Zhuoli said as he smiled.

“Why” Lu Man was curious.

“This is such a coincidence too.

I didnt know that he was thinking of looking for you, but I just couldnt stand letting him have a good life,” Han Zhuoli said.

“So I will let a factory in the south have some problem crop up.

Hell probably have to go resolve it on Monday.”

Of course, it would be useless even if he went there.

That factor processed the raw materials for Lu Qiyuans company.

It was the most important part of the Lu Corporation, the part that was indispensable to them.

Han Zhuoli, of course, wouldnt just cause a small trouble for him.

In fact, that factory was already being investigated in detail.

Lu Qiyuan had been building his business for over 20 years.

Clearly, with that character of his, he wouldnt be picky about reliability and trust.

There were many aspects wherein that factory would not pass, and they were even cutting corners.

They couldnt even pass all the various tests.

If they kept digging further into it, that factory could probably just close down.

Therefore, this time, it would be enough to make Lu Qiyuan go into a huge panic.

Of course, the end result would still be the same.

How could Han Zhuoli continue to let Lu Qiyuan lead a good life

He will let Lu Qiyuan continue fretting and worrying.

Han Zhuoli was still holding back a little.

He couldnt just hit Lu Qiyuan to death with one strike.

If he did, if Lu Qiyuan went bankrupt and had nothing to do, he would go looking for Lu Man for trouble every day all the more.

But he couldnt let Lu Qiyuan lead a peaceful life.

His company would be unable to earn any money, and his life would only get worse, but he would always give him a little hope, let him busy himself over it for nothing, giving him a false image that he was still the boss of a big company that hed been in the past.

That would be good enough.

As expected, on Monday, Lu Qiyuan didnt even go to the school to look for her.

The school started preparing for the Chinese Arts Championships.

Teacher Liang smiled as she said, “I see that you have also signed up to take part in this years inter-school Chinese Arts Championships.”

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded.

“About this, the principal called a meeting and had a discussion with us.

Because of your outstanding academic results and your outstanding performance in both Greedy Wolf Operation and then Red Tiger , you dont have to take part in the schools internal auditions this time around.

The school will directly leave you a placing.

You just need to focus on preparing for the inter-school competition,” Teacher Liang said, smiling.

Lu Man didnt expect that the school would even give her this special benefit.

Even if the school didnt give her this special benefit, she was also confident that she would be chosen.

But since the school was showering her such goodwill, she was also much happier and relaxed.

When she returned to class, she saw that there were many people crowding around Zhang Xiaoyings desk.

Lu Man raised her eyebrows and asked Zheng Yuan, “What are they busy doing”

“They are discussing the schools direct nominations.

For every inter-school Chinese Arts Championships, each school has two direct nominations who dont need to take part in the schools internal auditions and directly participate in the inter-school competition.

These two placings are given to the students who have the most outstanding performance and greatest contribution to the school.

Of course, it is also common that no one would be nominated because, while there might be quite some students who were already famous before entering the school, there werent a lot who had a huge contribution to the school.

I also dont know how the school judges what ahuge contribution is either, but anyway, their standards must be very high.

If not, they wouldnt usually leave the nominations empty and would rather nominate no one than give it to someone.” After all, they might as well nominate someone since they could.

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