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Chapter 703: One Is Marked by the Company They Keep

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“If thats the case, since the nominations are out, they should have called someone over long ago.

But this time, they only called Lu Man and not Zhang Xiaoying.

Looks like Zhang Xiaoying wont be having anything,” Han Leilei said.

Pan Xue scoffed.

“What could Zhang Xiaoying have Those people are just fantasizing on their own.

Zhang Xiaoyings television show didnt do well yet her family was still stingy.

She didnt even have any big contribution.”

Zheng Yuan laughed a little in glee, placing her second finger on her lips.

“Dont tell anyone that Lu Man got one of the placings.

If not, there would definitely be someone who would come looking for trouble and say all sorts of things.

When the results are out eventually, hoho, slap them in their faces!”

“Haha!” Pan Xue burst out into laughter.

She couldnt hold back how loud she was and everyone looked over.

Pan Xue hurriedly covered her mouth to keep it shut.

After everyone else started chatting amongst themselves again, Pan Xue said softly, “Zheng Yuan, you have been around Lu Man too long, you are also starting to like slapping people in the face.”

Zheng Yuan: “…”

“Was I not like this before” Zheng Yuan pointed at her own nose and asked.

Pan Xue and Han Leilei both shook their heads.

“Well, then.” Zheng Yuan sighed.

“This is called one is marked by the bad company they keep.”

“You are the bad company.” Lu Man laughed and poked her.


The schools initial auditions, semi-finals, and finals involving ten people would span over six months.

Until the start of the initial auditions, the counselor had never told Zhang Xiaoying that she would be given the direct nomination.

Zhang Xiaoying originally didnt say anything about it, but she always felt that if the school really had to give someone the direct nomination, it could only be to her.

Yet after waiting again and again, she still didnt get it.

Zhang Xiaoying could only enter the initial auditions with the other students.

She really felt like her value had dropped.

She had actually fallen so low that she was like an ordinary student.

“Xiaoying, I heard that out of the two direct nominations our school has this year, they have given one out.” After the semi-finals, Zhuang Tingting had pulled Zhang Xiaoying and said this softly to her.

“Who” Zhang Xiaoyings expression changed immediately.

Zhuang Tingting smiled secretly to herself.

Zhang Xiaoying said that she didnt care about it, but wasnt she still going crazily angry over it, after all

“I dont know, I couldnt find out.

All I know is that they gave one out,” Zhuang Tingting said.

“Xiaoying, can you definitely pass the school finals”

“Of course, why” Zhang Xiaoying looked at her impatiently.

Zhuang Tingting smiled, trying to please her.

“If you go to the competition, you definitely cant act alone, you do need someone to be a supporting actor.

When that time comes, could you bring me along”

Maybe she could even let others see her face.

Zhang Xiaoyings face turned cold.

She huffed silently.

Not passing the internal audition but still appearing in the inter-school competition, how could something that good happen

“Didnt you know” Zhang Xiaoying pretended to be surprised.

“The supporting actors are all provided by the official judges.

Ill see what I can do when that time comes.

If I can use my own classmates, I will definitely bring you along.”

Zhuang Tingting agreed happily.

When they returned to the class, everyone was basically discussing the results of the competition.

Half the class was eliminated in the initial auditions.Therefore, those students, including those who also didnt pass the semi-finals, were the least stressed right now.

They were just a regular audience being a busybody.

The students who passed the semi-finals were the most nervous.

Yuan Menghan thought about Lu Man.

“Lu Man, how did you do”

Lu Man achieved first place in her first-ever finals examination.

Her Performance class results were even more out-of-this-world.

“You definitely did well, right”

Previously, they had surprisingly forgotten about Lu Man.

Lu Man was just about to say something when the counselor, Teacher Liang, entered the room.

“Now, I will be announcing the list of students who will be entering the finals.

It will not only be from your class, but also your juniors from Year One, as well as your seniors from Year Three and Year Four.”

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