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He Zhengbais face darkened, and Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were in sync as they pulled He Zhengbai to a corner.

There was no one going there, and even if He Zhengbai was so scared he peed and called for help, no one would know.

“You… what are you guys doing This is the school! You cant randomly do things!” He Zhengbai called out loudly in shock.

Han Zhuoli grabbed his face, his fingers suddenly applying force.

There was a “kaba” sound, and He Zhengbais lower jaw was actually dislocated.

His jaw was dislocated, and his mouth was shakily open, not able to move at all.

He Zhengbai was yelping in pain and could not stop shaking his head and struggling, but he was held in place by Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui and could not run anywhere.

Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui had been wanting to beat him up for a long time.

They had heard the horrible words he had said to Lu Man before this, and their hands were itchy.

How could they be nice to him at all

Although it looked like they were just holding him, they had actually done many secret actions to him.

He Zhengbai was really in so much pain that he wanted to sh*t.

“In the future, stay far far away from Lu Man.

Dont speak to her,” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

He Zhengbai was in so much pain, he was about to cry, and Han Zhuolis face was dark as he said, “Did you hear me”

“Wu wu!” He Zhengbai hurriedly nodded.

Han Zhuoli used his palm to hit his face.

“Do you still want to be in the entertainment industry”

He Zhengbai just went “wu wu” and continuously nodded.

Han Zhuoli added a “like really” in his heart, but he said, “Then do you know what to do”

He Zhengbai hurriedly nodded.

Han Zhuofeng was stunned, watching from the side.

His big brother was like a big boss in the mafia!

“Are you still thinking about Lu Man right now” Han Zhuoli asked.

He Zhengbai hurriedly shook his head, tears and mucus covering his whole face.

“Ha,” Han Zhuoli laughed coldly, letting Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui let go of him.

He Zhengbais whole person just fell onto the floor, which pressed onto his dislocated mouth that kept having saliva drip out of it.

“Alright, Im going now, hurry back to class,” Han Zhuoli told Han Zhuofeng.

“Otherwise, Ill deduct your investment money.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

This was f*cking…

Who did he offend!

He just wanted to watch the drama, yet he got attacked for nothing!

Han Zhuoli brought Zheng Tianming, Zhou Cheng, and Xu Hui as he left.

After getting on the car, Han Zhuoli told Zheng Tianming, “Go and check how far the drama that He Zhengbai is trying to get investment for to film has gone, how much investment theyve gotten already.”

He Zhengbai wanted to film a television drama

That was impossible.

A movie was not possible, a drama was not possible, even a web drama was not possible.

He was not allowed to get even just an advertisement!

Looking for investment

Haha, hell let his money go to waste!


Lu Man did not know how Han Zhuoli managed to talk to He Zhengbai.

Anyway, from the day of the school finals on, He Zhengbai did not come to bother her again.

According to Pan Xue, He Zhengbai had not been coming to school for a few days.

But everyone, including Lu Man, did not know that the reason He Zhengbai did not come to school was not because of his career but was because he had been so beaten up by Han Zhuoli he could not see anyone.

The results of the internal finals in the school came out.

That day, the counselor Teacher Liang brought the name list into class.

The classroom that was originally noisy with chattering and laughter instantly became quiet upon the class seeing the name list in Teacher Liangs hand.

Teacher Liang walked to the stage and smiled.

“I think everyone knows already, the results for the internal finals have already come out, and in the end, there will be 10 people participating in the Chinese Arts Championships.

The name list in my hand shows the students who have qualified.”

Teacher Liangs gaze swept across all the students in the class.

The students that had been eliminated earlier on were already relaxed.

No matter who entered in the end, it did not have much relation to them.

They could just wait to see the drama.

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