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In front, Zhang Xiaoying and the rest were waiting for Lu Man to come over.

Xu Ziyi unhappily said, “Isnt she just trying to show that she treats her fans well We did not go over, and only she ran over to chat with the fans.

If it were seen by our fans, what would they think Oh, Lu Man is an especially good idol who treats her fans very well, and we are the people who do not care about our fans.”

“Thats right.” Ni Xue pressed her lips together.

“Is Lu Man the only one with the smarts, knowing how to curry favor with her fans Do we not get along with our fans very well too Didnt we think that this is a group event and that we were scared of having people wait, so we followed the group to move about”

Zhang Xiaoying twitched her lips.

Although Ni Xue said it very nicely, she was still being arrogant as a celebrity and too lazy to bother with small fans, wasnt she

She did not say that just now.

After she finished smiling and waving at her fans, as soon as she entered the school, she said irritatedly that she had smiled until her face was stiff.

Having to deal with fans everywhere, she was very annoyed.

Now shed changed her tone, saying that she cared about the group.

“Kaiqi, dont you think so too” Ni Xue brought Fu Kaiqi into the conversation as well.

Although of the two of them, one was in Year Four and the other was in Year One, the two belonged to the same management company and they were quite familiar with each other.


Among us, Kaiqis fans number the most, and today, she was played about by Lu Man like this.

We dont know what the fans are thinking now.”

Fu Kaiqis face also darkened.

“Ha, shes just one person yet she dares to scheme against a group of us.

She really is looking down on us.” Dong Jingxi laughed coldly.

“This time around, the competition among ourselves comes second.

We must first step on her! Its best to have her drop out after one round!”

“How do we step on her I heard your opponent is chosen by a lucky draw,” Li Zeyu said.

“Thats simple…” Dong Jingxi was just about to say it when she suddenly stopped.

“What happened Continue speaking,” Zhang Xiaoying urged.

Dong Jingxis gaze landed on Lu Qi.

Everyone understood instantly.

Even though Lu Man and Lu Qi did not get along, Lu Qi was Lu Mans younger sister.

Perhaps Lu Qi might spill the beans to Lu Man.

“I wont say it,” Lu Qi hurriedly said.

“My relationship with Lu Man is not good.

Lu Man could not stand watching me do well, so how can I warn her Even if I warned her, she wont be thankful.

Why dont you count me in I definitely can help.”

Thinking about the hate between Lu Qi and Lu Man, Dong Jingxi nodded.


“My thinking is, after we finish drawing lots, well see whos drawn lots to be in the same group as Lu Man.

If they happen to be the ones with the best acting skills among us, thatll naturally be good.

We can directly use our abilities to kick Lu Man out.

If they arent, then they can just change places with the person with the best acting skills,” Dong Jingxi said.

Everyone looked at one another.

This idea was not bad, but whose acting skills were the best

No one wanted to admit that their acting skills were lacking!

Dong Jingxi smiled.

“How about this We cant come up with a conclusion if we choose directly.

Lets directly use the results from the recent judging.

The one with the highest score is the one with the best acting skills.”

That method was quite good; it was fair.

So everyone showed their results.

In the end, it was decided that no matter who got allocated to the same group as Lu Man, they would change it with Li Zeyu.

“Zeyu, well be depending on you now.

Good luck!”

Outside the door, at the fans side.

Lu Mans fans were still happy.

“We really did not think that Lu Man was so nice.

She got along so well with us, so down to earth.”

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