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No matter what, she had still caused the others to wait, so Lu Man did not retort.

“Im sorry.”

But Ni Xue was not done yet.

“Is it that only you have fans We all have more fans than you do.

You just got famous, and you want to curry favor with your fans and make your image good, this we can understand.

But you cant care so little about the team as to make it seem like you care more about your fans than us, or that you are easier to get close to, right”

Teacher Liang heard that she was getting more and more out of hand and hurriedly said, “Thats enough.”

No one had stopped them from talking to the fans for a bit after getting down from the bus.

Likewise, when Lu Man ran over, Teacher Liang did not stop her.

Saying that they had waited for a long time

They had just entered the school when Teacher Liang called Lu Man over.

What were they waiting for

They were just making use of this to express their anger!

They themselves did not care about their fans and wanted to be arrogant, and now they did not even let others talk to their fans

Teacher Liang was unhappy in her heart.

This group of children, they became famous too early and lost themselves too fast in this messy entertainment industry.

“Were about to go for the competition soon, so adjust your thoughts and emotions.

Dont bring these emotions into the competition and affect your performance.”

After Teacher Liang said that, everyone stopped and started to control their emotions, not thinking about Lu Mans thing anymore.

Teacher Liang brought them into the big theater inside the Drama Academy.

While the others were not paying attention, Lu Qi quietly went to Lu Mans side.

“Lu Man, after you filmed Red Tiger , a lot of people are looking for you to film, right”

“What is it” Lu Man raised an eyebrow.

There were indeed a lot of companies that sent her scripts for movies and television dramas.

There were even variety shows.

But she did not take up a single one.

One of the reasons was that she did not like the scripts.

Another was that she was still in school.

If she took one up, she would be gone for a few months, and the term would end with her not having learned anything.

Thered be no meaning in her coming to school in the first place, then.

It would mean that it was better that she did not go to school and just continued filming.

Recently, shed been reducing her appearances on the media on purpose, not wanting the good reputation she got from Red Tiger to be gone too fast.

It just happened that she was met with the Chinese Arts Championships, and even though she received a lot of invitations for activities and dramas and films, she used that reason to reject it all.

“Did you accept any scripts Are there any suited for me Why dont you recommend me to them You have a lot of connections in the entertainment circle now, especially Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

You can go and greet them and ask them to recommend me.

A normal person would have to give face to them,” Lu Qi said in a small voice.

Lu Man could not help but laugh like she was hearing some especially funny joke.

Pressing onto her stomach, she laughed for a long time.

“Recommending you And even purposely finding Director Sun and Director Ji for you to ask them for help Owing people a favor because of you”

Lu Man found it funnier as she spoke.

“How highly do you think of yourself”

Lu Qis face changed.

She lowered her voice, gritting her teeth and saying, “Lu Man, you are doing well now, so shouldnt you be helping your family member Furthermore, you have so many scripts and activities on hand right now, you cant accept all of them at all.

Just give me a few that you dont want, whats wrong with that Giving me things you dont want, you arent taking any losses.”

“We are sisters, we should help each other.

Furthermore, before this, I thought that you had failed the selection and could not participate.

I even wanted to let you be my assistant in acting.

At that time, I wanted to help you.

Whats wrong with helping me”

Lu Man sneered.

“You likehelping so much, thats your own problem.

But I dont like helping you, so what of it I spent so much effort pulling you from the B list to become someone not even ranked at all.

You want me to help you return now Do I have nothing else to do”

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