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“What happened to her now” Dai Rongcheng knew instantly that Dai Yiran coming to find him concerned Lu Man.

“You know about the Chinese Arts Championships, right” Dai Yiran asked.

“I know.” Dai Rongcheng thought about it and said, “It seems like the various big universities have come together to organize a competition, to let all the students in the performing majors sign up to participate.”


Winning first place is an honor, and it is a very important accomplishment for students.

They can even sign a contract with the Han Corporation and be groomed well,” Dai Yiran explained.

“Youre saying this has something to do with Lu Man” Dai Rongcheng found it strange.

“I remember that when you were in the Han Corporation, you were in the Public Relations Department, right This is a competition among performing arts universities.

Lu Man is, firstly, not a student and, secondly, not learning to perform.

What does that have to do with her”

“Dad, you really dont watch the entertainment news at all.” Dai Yiran smiled helplessly.

Dai Rongcheng was stunned.

Smiling, he said, “You know that Im busy as well.

How can I have so much time to care about the messy things of the entertainment industry”

“When Lu Man was in the Han Corporation, she was picked by Sun Yiwu to act in Greedy Wolf Operation,” Dai Yiran said.

“You know of Sun Yiwu, right”

“What do you take your dad for How can I not know about Sun Yiwu” The people at the top, he still knew about them, alright


Anyway, Lu Man took that opportunity to enter the entertainment industry, and recently, she filmed Red Tiger,” Dai Yiran said.

“I know about Red Tiger.

Its box office tickets sales exploded.

That starred Lu Man” Dai Rongcheng was shocked.

Dai Yiran pursed her lips, saying unhappily, “Its her, and shes the main actor.

Because of that, her popularity totally skyrocketed.

After she filmed Greedy Wolf Operation, she entered the National Film Academy to learn acting, and now shes a student of the National Film Academy.

This time, shes participating in the Chinese Arts Championships as well.”

Dai Yiran roughly explained to Dai Rongcheng what happened during the competition today.

“From what I see, shes heading towards the first place.”


She dared to scheme against you, to make a trap for you, yet she still wants to do well and get first place” Dai Rongcheng smiled coldly.

“Alright, I get what you are asking.

You dont want Lu Man to do well, right”

“Right.” Dai Yiran thought about Lu Man, and her face was full of hate.

“She schemed against me like that, I cant let her do well.

Seeing how well shes doing, I dont feel good.”

“Alright, dont worry.” Dai Rongcheng nodded.

“Leave this to me.

Those judges all have schools or theater groups.

As long as they care about it, itll be easy to settle.

Hao Zhonghai is a manager in the Han Corporations artist department.

Its not good for me to do anything at the Han Corporation, but towards the others, theres nothing I have to be wary of.”

Dai Rongcheng asked for the name list of the judges from Dai Yiran.

Dai Yiran very carefully wrote which schools those people were lecturing in and who they signed contracts with for the entertainment industry.

“Dad, Ill leave this to you.

I wont bother your work anymore,” Dai Yiran said, obedient and well-mannered.

Dai Rongcheng laughed.

“Its fine, just wait here.

Ill settle this in front of you, so you dont have to keep worrying.”

Dai Rongcheng directly called his secretary, having him check the names of the schools that Sun Changfang and the rest were teaching in.

Sun Changfang had opinions on Lu Man and would originally not give her good marks.

He was the easiest to discuss things with.

Dai Rongcheng directly gave a call to the principal of the Donghua Academy of Drama and did not hide his goal, directly and clearly saying, “I dont want Lu Man to have any good results in the competition.

How high of a mark to give her, you all are clear about it.”

The principal of the Donghua Academy of Drama asked in shock, “Lu Man offended you”

Lu Man was not old, but she had really offended quite a lot of people, and they all had a certain amount of power.

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