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“If you dont want to accept low marks and only want high marks, then what are you doing in this competition!” Sun Changfang said angrily.

Old Mrs.

Han was so angry, she wanted to take a bottle to hit Sun Changfang with.

“Bullsh*t!” Old Mrs.

Han was extremely angry.

“If she did not act well, you can give her low marks, but Man Man acted so well! It was you who closed your eyes and gave her low marks, yet youre mocking Man Man Man Man did not say anything from the beginning to the end, and he just randomly accused her of these things!”

Xia Qingwei was so angry that she was trembling.

Her heart ached for Lu Man.

Why was her daughters road in the entertainment industry so filled with trouble

The Lu Man who had not yet spoken at all turned around to walk to the side.

Sun Changfang gave a cold hmph.

Was she leaving the stage in anger

That was good.

They could then use this chance to cancel Lu Mans right to compete.

Quite a lot of the audience members also felt that Lu Man was unwilling to accept the unfair grading and was going to leave in anger.

Yet whod have known that Lu Man would stop and give a deep bow to the audience

“I know now,” someone in the audience seats said.

“Lu Man did not want to bow towards Sun Changfang and let him take advantage of that, and so she turned in another direction to avoid bowing to him.

She really isnt planning on giving Sun Changfang face at all.”

“Hahahahaha, Straightforward Man1.

I think Im going to be her fan.”

“Yes, her acting skills are good, and shes also straightforward.

Really not bad.”

“Why should she give Sun Changfang face What is Sun Changfangs face worth Sun Changfang himself is already so shameless1, who would want to give him face”

“Stop talking, Lu Man is about to speak.”

They saw Lu Man bow, then stand up straight.

“Thank you for everyones acknowledgment of me.

I hope that everyone will have confidence in me too.

Even if one or two people gave me low marks, it cant change anything.

How many of the people here saw my Weibo yesterday”

“Me! I saw it!”

“I saw it too! What you said on Weibo yesterday was too good.”

“We all saw it!”

Among the people in the audience seats, more than half raised their hands.

Sun Changfang felt his scalp feel a bit numb upon seeing that.

So many people!

Were they all supporting Lu Man

“I already said it yesterday.

In front of absolute power, any kind of unfairness is useless,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“Do you guys trust me”

“We trust you!”

“We trust you!”

“We trust you!”

Practically the whole audience stood up and yelled out loudly together.

The whole scene was very shocking.

Sun Changfang and the rest were shocked.

They did not think that Lu Man had the ability to move people at all!

A simple question managed to get such an orderly reply from the whole audience.

Sun Changfang could not help but turn around, and he saw that the whole audience was raising their fists and yelling “We trust you!”

It was practically like brainwashing!

As he looked at Lu Man again, Sun Changfangs face became black.

“Thank you, everyone.” Lu Man calmly walked back to the emcees side.

Although everyone was still orderly yelling “We trust you,” the whole area was strangely becoming more and more controlled.

There was no one making a lot of noise anymore, and no one yelling for the judge to be changed.

They did not know exactly when, but everyone in the audience seats had already quietened down.

The emcee herself was also stunned.

When Lu Man returned to her side, she was yet to manage to react.

Lu Man secretly poked the emcee and said in a small voice, “We can continue.”

It was only then that the emcee finally returned to her senses.

The two elderly people were looking from offstage, and the Old Mr.

Han could not help but nod his head in satisfaction.

“Lu Mans ability to control the crowd is really not bad.”

Old Mrs.

Han said in praise, “Not using the audience to reach her own goals and pressure the judges and, instead, thinking of the whole picture and very quickly controlling the whole situation, allowing the competition to continue — not bad, not bad.”

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