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Even Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fangs faces became cold and were no longer warm like just now.

Originally, they had just treated it as them being prejudiced against Lu Man and making her marks a bit lower.

But looking at it now, they felt that those three no longer had the right to be teachers!

Theyd caused a good competition to become a mess!

“You guys!” Ma Xianghuan kept shaking his head in anger.

“Leave some face for yourself!”

He Shuxin did not think that the three of them were so shameless.

“Hurry and leave now! The competition needs to continue.”

The audience in front spread the information they heard to the others further behind.

The audience became extremely angry; even the participants present there also expressed their anger.

Han Zhuoli told the security officers, “Invite these three to sit off stage.

If they dont want to watch the competition, then invite them to leave.

Dont let them stay here and continue messing with the order of the competition.”

“Sun Changfang, get off the stage!”

“Liu Lijin, get off the stage!”

“Li Lingmei, get off the stage!”

The audience members had started to yell in coordination.

Now that the situation had become like this, what else could Sun Changfang and the other two say

Ma Xianghuan shook his head in pity.

These three had a pretty good reputation for their acting skills and were addressed as teachers by people.

Otherwise, they would not have been chosen to be judges for the Chinese Arts Championships.

But the actions of these three people were really too disappointing.

Sun Changfang and the other two did not have the face to stay here.

Sun Changfang left first, his face dark.

Liu Lijin and Li Lingmei could only follow behind.

But would it be over just like that


Lu Man would not let them go just like that, and Han Zhuoli would not either.

Sun Changfang, who had targeted Lu Man first, aside, Liu Lijin and Li Lingmei did not do it to such a big extent during the preliminaries, and how they gave marks was still quite fair.

But the change in their attitude during the second round was very strange.

How could Han Zhuoli not check why that was so

After the three left, this mess was finally ended temporarily.

Han Zhuoli invited Ma Xianghuan and the other two to sit at the judges table.

The workers had already cleaned it up, leaving no trace of Sun Changfang and the other two.

Before Han Zhuoli and Lu Man got off stage, the audience started to clap loudly.

“Good job, Young Master Han!”

“Lu Man 666!”

“Young Master Han showing his power!”

“Lu Man is too 6, how is her brain like! How did she react so fast!”

“Hahahahaha, Sun Changfang must have watched Lu Man acting for too long and forgot what Lu Man was originally doing.”

“My Older Sister Man is no longer in Jianghu1 or in the public eye, in this case.], causing Jianghu to forget her legend.”

“Stop it, even I forgot that Lu Man used to do public relations.”

“But this is really the first time Ive seen Lu Man dealing with a situation that suddenly cropped up.

Too 6! Lu Mans reaction is too fast!”

The audience had already started to live-stream what happened today online.

They posted the video of Han Zhuoli and Lu Man working together to get rid of Sun Changfang and the other two.

Some viewers commented, “Good job, Young Master Han.

After finding out that the judges were not being fair, he reacted at once, cutting off the competition instantly and changing the judges to ensure that the competition is fair.

The Chinese Arts Championships is still the fair Chinese Arts Championships its always been.”

Many audience members who were at the event location appeared online.

“Thats right, you did not see wrongly.

Han Zhuoli fired Sun Changfang and the other two, and he even sought out Teacher Ma Xianghuan, Teacher Lian Fang, and Teacher Huang Yilun to be judges! This kind of line-up can be used to blow up the entertainment industry!”

“This is just a school-level competition.

To actually invite two senior artists to be judges, the Han Corporation is the Han Corporation for a reason.

As expected of the top company in the industry!”

[a]Used to say “on scene, in an industry.” Please help clarify what you meant and check on the whole sentence as well.


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