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“Teacher Huang Yilun!”

The audience exploded again.

Finally, they could properly watch the competition.

They believed that the three teachers would be very different when judging.

“Now, let us continue the competition.

May I invite the second contestant, Dong Jingxi” After the emcee said that, she went off stage.

The whole stage became dark.

When the props for the stage were all set up, the lights on the stage slowly started to light up.

However, Dong Jingxi did not reach her peak condition when performing.

Because of Sun Changfang and the other two today, Lu Man had been affected.

But similarly, the pace of the contestants after her also got messed up, and their mindset was also affected.

Adding on the fact that the three new teachers who were added to the judging panel were very important figures in the industry, the prospect of performing in front of them made their mindset explode instantly.

They wanted to perform to the best of their ability and leave a good impression in front of the judges.

And because Lu Mans score was lowered, it gave them hope that they could win.

This made peoples mindsets become messed up.

The more they cared about it, the less they could relax and manage to show their normal practice result.

When it came time for them to perform, they did not manage to do it as well as they normally did.

Lian Fang told Dong Jingxi, finding it a pity, “I can tell that you wanted to act well and show the best performance.

But the more you are like this, the more your mindset will have a problem and the more youll use too much force.

I believe that when you are practicing normally, you act well, but today, you did not manage to reach the standard you normally reach.”

Ma Xianghuan said, “Your basics are not bad.

Theyre very good, but you cant manage to make it natural.

Like that scene when you hit the table, it seemed a bit too exaggerated.

When performing, you need to be able to let out your emotions, but must keep it in sometimes as well.

To show your anger, do not just keep shouting.

Its not that the more you let go, the better it is.”

The three people after Dong Jingxi all had the same problem of not being able to totally let out their emotions when they should and not being able to keep their emotions in when they should.

And in the end, the emcee went on stage.

“After this, let me announce the overall results.”

The audience members who were paying attention below had already calculated the results while the judges were giving marks.

Then they heard the emcee say, “The fifth place, from Donghua Academy of Drama, Wang Hanzhi with 43.2.”

“Fourth place, from the National Media University, Liu Yingjie with 45.6.”

“Third place, from the National Film Academy, Dong Jingxi with 49.8.”

“Second place, from the National Drama Academy, Gao Qifeng with 51.9.”

“First place,” the emcee said.

The audience then shouted in an orderly manner, “Lu Man!”

“Lu Man!”

“Lu Man!”

“Lu Man!”

“Lu Man, from the National Film Academy, with a total score of 52.5!” the emcee said loudly.

“Congratuations, Lu Man, for successfully going to the next stage!”

Because her marks had been oppressed, she differed from the second place by only 0.6 marks.

That was barely winning!

“How scary!” The audience had been worried as well.

“It was just by a bit, but thankfully, Lu Man won.”

The Old Mrs.

Han also kept saying, “What a close match, what a close match.

If Lu Man had failed because of those three, that would really have angered people to death.”

As of now, the National Film Academy already had three people successfully going to the next stage.

Meanwhile, the National Drama Academy had two and Nan Hua Media University did not have a single one.

Smiling, Principal Liu went to find Principal Yang of Nan Hua Media University.

“Our school thankfully has three people who made it to the next stage.

You guys dont have a single one yet, but there are still five rounds to go.

Continue working hard!”

Principal Yang hmphed, ignoring him.


When the second round of competitions fully ended, there were netizens who made a compilation of the competition videos and posted it online.

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