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She was already in Year Four and was normally outside filming and participating in all kinds of events.

She no longer came to class for lessons.

The school also allowed students to take leave to film outside when theyre in Year Four.

Ni Xue not practicing outside school right now was out of the ordinary.

Pan Xue said in a low voice, “Tch, before this, Zhuang Tingting and the rest were the ones following behind Zhang Xiaoying.

Why is Zhang Xiaoying the one following people around now”

Han Leileis lips twitched upwards, and she said in a low voice, “She finally realized she does not actually have much ability and cant manage to beat Lu Man, so she came to hug Ni Xues thigh.”

“Lu Man” Ni Xue looked at the people next to Lu Man.

“Are you preparing for the competition”

Lu Man honestly nodded.

“We are discussing it now.”

Anyway, she had yet to come to a conclusion.

There was nothing to hide.

Zhang Xiaoying looked disdainfully at Zheng Yuan and the rest and said, “Lu Man, you cant have been seeking them out to be your guest actors, right”

“We are just discussing with Lu Man who to find,” Han Leilei said coldly.

“Ha, who can you all find, with no friends in the circle and no connections” Dong Jingxi said.

During the second round, Lu Mans marks had been pressed down and yet Dong Jingxi was still not able to win against her.

Dong Jingxi felt very troubled and was not polite at all towards Lu Man.

“Senior Dong, you forgot that Lu Man has acted in Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger before.

No matter what, she knows Director Sun, Director Ji, the Best Actor Zhang Shuidong, as well as a lot of other people.

They are all high-level,” Zhang Xiaoying mocked, her tone unhappy.

Dong Jingxi chuckled like she was very happy.

“Aiyo, I almost forgot.

Those people are very high-level, but can she manage to invite them”

“Could it be that she would really invite Zhang Shuidong to be a guest actor and Director Sun or Director Ji to be the director” Dong Jingxi was just thinking about these images and she already laughed.

“Celebrities of that caliber, it makes me tremble thinking about it.”

Lu Man raised her eyebrow.

“Senior Dong, did I offend you before”

“What” Dong Jingxi was stunned.

Wouldnt people normally insult back or try to look impressive at ones own cost

What was Lu Man doing!

“Zhang Xiaoying attacking me, I can understand.

After all, Ive caused her show to flop.” Lu Man smiled, stabbing Zhang Xiaoyings heart.

“And then, I won against her during the end-of-semester exams.” Lu Man stabbed with another knife.

Zhang Xiaoying: “…”

“Then, during the competition, she was eliminated on the second round but I went on to enter the finals,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

“I think shes probably really very angry.”

Zhang Xiaoying: “…”

Pan Xue and the rest could not help but laugh.

It was like they heard the sounds of Lu Man stabbing her.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

They saw blood with every stab!

“But Senior Dong, I didnt do anything to you, so why are you targetting me” Lu Mans face was one of confusion.

Dong Jingxi: “…”

Han Leilei stabbed her from the side.

“Its probably because during the second round, she was in the same group as you.

Youve met with an unfair grading and your marks were made lower.

At that time, even though the judges were changed, she still was not able to win against you.”

Pan Xues face was one of confusion.

“But its her own acting skills that are lacking.

What does it have to do with Lu Man”

Zheng Yuan dragged out her words, “Some people, they never think to find a reason within their own selves.

If others are more outstanding than they are, its those others fault.”

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