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Lu Man froze for a moment as surprise filled her eyes.

“Manager Wu, what youre saying is that Im hired”

“Yes.” Wu Lize smiled as he nodded.

He then stood up and reached out his hand towards Lu Man.

“Welcome, our new colleague in the public relations department.”

Lu Man did not expect him to hire her right away.

The surprise on her face did not fade away.

Nobody knew how she felt about her urgent need for a job, as only then could she afford to let Xia Qingwei continue receiving treatment.

These past few days, because she could not find a job, she was so stressed that ulcers started growing on her tongue.

Now that she had finally solved this pressing problem she could relieve some of her stress.

“Since today is already Friday, you can start work officially on Monday, is that alright” Wu Lize asked.

“Yes, no problem.” Lu Man agreed right away as Xia Qingwei was recovering well too.

Her wound was almost healed and she could manage herself quite well.

Once she left the public relations department, Lu Man immediately gave a call to Tang Zi.

“Tang Zi, Im hired!”

“Thats awesome! I knew you definitely could!” Tang Zis excited voice sounded through the phone.

“Ill visit Auntie tonight and bring some food along.

I know that you cant leave her bedside, so lets have a little celebration at the hospital.”

“Sure, Ill prepare a couple of dishes too.” Lu Man felt happy and comfortable.

The ulcers on her tongue did not even feel that painful anymore.

“Oh right, I know that you are quite concerned about Liu Musen, so I got someone to ask around today and found out that Liu Musen has been sentenced to three years in jail,” Tang Zi said.

Lu Man let out a sigh of relief.

“Thats great.”

After looking at the information Tang Zi had sent her, she confirmed that Liu Musen was indeed the culprit who had raped Mi Qiansongs sister.

Back then, Mi Qiansong had started serving her sentence in the second year of Lu Mans sentence.

In this life, Liu Musen would have to stay in jail for three years thus the tragedy from her previous life would not happen again and Mi Qiansong would not have to go to jail for this either.

Though she has yet to meet Mi Qiansong in this life, she could at least help her avoid some trouble first.

She could consider herself having repaid Mi Qiansongs care in her past life.

Finally, she could relieve herself of this worry.

After Lu Man hung up the phone, she started walking out and happened to see Lu Qiyuan bringing Lu Qi along with him and walking into the entrance of Han Corporation.

“Dad, look, its Elder Sister.” Lu Qi pulled onto Lu Qiyuans sleeve.

Enemies are indeed bound to cross paths.

Today, Lu Qiyuan had brought Lu Qi along to Han Corporation to help her clinch a role.

However, now, they did not dare to ask for the role of the female lead, even the small role of the second female lead would suffice.

It wasnt impossible for Lu Qiyuan to invest his own money to film something for Lu Qi.

However, even if they had the money, no director was willing to direct it, no actor was willing to appear on the same screen as Lu Qi and also no television station was willing to broadcast it either.

It was pointless to film it.

Although some unpopular directors did indicate an interest in filming, Lu Qiyuan did not want to hire them.

If they had hired an unknown director, could he match to Lu Qis status

As for other actors, none of them was willing to have any contact with Lu Qi now, afraid that others would misunderstand and assume that Lu Qi slept around with them too.

Moreover, Lu Qis reputation was already ruined.

Even if the television station bought her show, no audience would watch her show either and the station would lose money too.

Now, Han Corporation was probably the only company that could manage such a loss.

Therefore, Lu Qiyuan brought Lu Qi along to Han Corporation and planned to help Lu Qi clinch a role.

Yet, once they entered, they immediately saw Lu Man on the phone.

What did she just say

She was hired by Han Corporation

Lu Qiyuans expression immediately darkened.

How could she have found a job!

He had already gone about pulling his connections, asking them to not hire Lu Man.


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