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Before Lu Man came on stage, everyone elses performance had already ended.

Everyone displayed their best performance, and right now, they were all comfortable and relaxed, only waiting for the release of the final results.

Since they had already put in their biggest effort, they had no regrets.

Besides, everyone felt that their performance was not bad and thought that it was very likely that they could win first place.

They completely didnt feel that they performed worse than anyone else.

Perhaps it was because they had performed extremely well while the others performances werent really outstanding either.

Their self-confidence was high up in the clouds.

They even felt that Lu Man could not perform any better than they did.

“Student Lu Man, its your turn.

Please get ready,” said to Lu Man by a staff member who appeared backstage.

Lu Man removed her earphones and tidied up her costume.

She held her head high, puffed up her chest, and walked calmly out of the backstage.

Surprisingly, at this time, she was already in character.

She was just like the queen who was proud yet fragile, troubled, and conflicted.

The lights on stage still werent lit up, but a melodious dance tune had started playing, dragging people into that age of unrest, which was also extravagant and hectic.

Right after that, the stage lights lit up and everyone in the audience gasped in shock.

There were so many actors on stage!

Wearing suits and evening gowns, they were dancing to the tune, chatting and whispering to each other.

It was a grand and extravagant scene.

In such a setting, Lu Man appeared elegantly, wearing her evening gown.

Under the dazzling golden lights, amid the clattering of wine glasses and the chattering, she stood up and caught the attention of everyone in the audience by surprise.

With lazy steps, Lu Man staggered and tumbled her way through the crowds.

As she walked past each person, the other persons lines became clearer and louder.

Each teachers performance seemed ordinary, but they knew how to hold back and be very nuanced, making Lu Man stand out.

Lu Man walked to a table by the side.

The guests were dancing not far away from her, but once Lu Man sat down at the table, she singled a place out for herself.

She didnt say a single word, but through the large screen, the audience looked at Lu Mans face and felt like they were already looking at a queen who was about to go crazy.

Lu Man picked up the flower in front of her and plucked the petals.

Her eyes losing focus, she stuffed the petals into her mouth while only looking at the flower in front of her.

At that moment, Pu Yi introduced his wife to everyone.

Just after the audiences attention was caught by it, someone said all of a sudden, “Quick, look!”

And everyone looked towards Lu Man again.

As she was eating the flowers, a trail of tears started flowing out of her left eye.

Her eyes were still staring wide, but she didnt utter a single sound, only stuffing more flowers into her mouth even more anxiously.

Tears streamed down her face.

She appeared numb, but it also felt like she was desperately close to the edge of insanity.

Even Pu Yis sudden lines didnt snatch away the limelight from Lu Man.

It was like both sides were two separate camera shots.

The audience had to look here and there.

In just a few minutes, the scene was silent yet loaded.

As Lu Man cried, she smiled and started eating the stem of the flower.

Pu Yi, acted by Teacher Fang, stormed angrily and darkly towards Lu Man.

“Why arent you properly enjoying Why”

Lu Man twisted the stems around her hands and said strangely, “Mr.

Amakasu is the most powerful person in the whole of Manchuria.”

Teacher Fang asked, unable to understand, “What are you saying You are unable to believe that I could become the emperor again, but I am.”

Lu Man twisted the flower stem and scoffed.

“Youre foolish.”

Teacher Fang sat down and didnt look at Lu Man.

“Do you know what it means to be the queen You are the queen.”

There was a trail of tears still clinging onto Lu Mans face, glittering under the lights.

She gritted her teeth and laughed coldly.

“Ill never return to Japan.”

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