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“Thats right.

Its not that Li Zeyu did not act well today.

His acting skills have always been good, and he had always maintained a certain standard.

Its just that Ni Xue performed very well today, even better than she did the previous two times.”

“Li Zeyu has no chance for first place anymore, what a pity.”

“Theres still the top five.”

“The fourth to perform, Zhou Li from Donghua Academy of Drama.

May I invite the judges to show your marks”

Zhang Guangtao: “8.7.”

He Shuxin: “8.6.”

Huang Yilun: “8.5.”

Lian Fang: “8.6.”

Ma Xianghuan: “8.6.”

Han Zhuoli: “8.5.”

It was surprising that not a single judge gave a score above 9 points.

Zhou Lis heart sank instantly.

It looked like it would be hard to even get into the top 5.

“For Zhou Li of Donghua Academy of Drama, the total score is 51.5!”

Zhou Lis heart totally sank.

After that, Yu Lexin of the National Drama Academy got 52.4, Yang Ruitian got 53.5, and Chang Yachen got 53.9.

He Yue of Donghua Film Academy got 52.1.

And from the National Media University that people did not expect to do well, Ceng Hao actually got 53.2.

This pushed Yu Lexin of the National Drama Academy, Zhou Li of Donghua Academy of Drama, and He Yue of Donghua Film Academy down.

Taking note of the marks that had already been announced, they already had an idea of their rankings.

Zhou Li, He Yue, and the others who were ranked far below knew that they no longer had a chance.

“As of now, here are the marks ranking from the lowest to the highest.

Donghua Academy of Drama, Zhou Li, 51.5.

Donghua Film Academy, He Yue, 52.1.

National Drama Academy, Yu Lexin, 52.4.

National Media University, Chang Yachen, 53.2.

National Drama Academy, Chen Cong, 53.4.

National Drama Academy, Yang Ruitian, 53.5.

National Drama Academy, Chang Yachen, 53.9.

National Film Academy, Li Zeyu, 54.1.

National Film Academy, Ni Xue, 54.2.”

Everyone suddenly realized that the National Film Academy had totally won against the National Drama Academy.

As of now, the first and second places were both from the National Film Academy, and the National Drama Academy was taking only the third and fourth places.

And Lu Mans results had yet to be announced.

They did not know what the judges would award her, but the audience felt that Lu Mans marks would definitely not be low.

She acted so well!

No matter what, the top four had already gotten the ticket to The Performer.

And Chen Congs position was awkward,

Unless Lu Mans score was lower than his, he was as good as eliminated.

And even Chen Cong himself felt that Lu Mans marks would definitely not be lower than his.

Towards entering the top 5, Chen Cong had no more hope.

The one who cared the most, the one who was the most nervous, was Ni Xue.

She was currently in first place and scored higher than Li Zeyu by a bare 0.1 marks.

She was in a lot of danger.

She was just continuously muttering in her heart, hoping that Lu Mans marks would be lower than Li Zeyus.

“Now, the last student is Lu Man from the National Film Academy.

May I invite the judges to show their marks” the emcee said at that moment.

Practically everyone looked towards the six judges nervously.

The whole place was extremely quiet, the atmosphere nervous and oppressive.

Zhang Guangtao showed his marks first: “9.5!”

The first score given was already much higher than the rest!

Ni Xues heart sank, feeling a bit cold.

The first teacher had already given such high marks.

What about the rest

She could only hope that Zhang Guangtao was being biased when giving marks and that the other teachers would definitely not give such high marks!

She was hoping they would lower Lu Mans marks.

At that moment, He Shuxin was the second to show her marks: “9.5!”

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