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Lu Man laughed out of amusement because of his words.

How could someone be so demanding He wouldnt even let her cry when she was touched or overjoyed.

Lu Man sniffled.

Because of this man, her heart felt extremely weak and soft.


After the birthday banquet ended, everyone departed and went their separate ways.

The seniors of the Han family and Xia Qingwei still stayed behind.

The castle was big; they could still have a good look and tour around.

“Why dont all of you stay here tonight, then” Han Zhuoli suggested.

“You two can stay here,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“You youngsters need your alone time.

We wont intrude.”

“We dont need any alone time.

The two of us are usually together most of the time,” Lu Man said.

Yet unexpectedly, after she finished speaking, Han Zhuoli pinched her waist.

She didnt want it, but he wanted it!

He wanted to have alone time with her!

Just now, he was only being polite to Old Mrs.

Han when he said those words.

Even though the castle was large, with the seniors around, it still wouldnt really be convenient for them to do anything.

He had his worries.

In such a big place, how great would it be if he could fool around without any worry at all!

The images in Han Zhuolis mind were extremely wild and crazy.

“My gosh.” Old Mrs.

Han sighed mentally.

Wow, he actually despised them!

“Lets head back.

Old Mr.

Han still has an appointment to go fishing with someone tomorrow morning,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “I have a violin lesson too.”

Xia Qingwei had violin certifications.

Playing only with her own self to listen every day was still a little lonely after a while, so she found a job at the childrens training school nearby to teach them how to play the violin.

It wasnt a really busy job either.

She just had two lessons each week.

She taught children in kindergarten or in their first or second year in elementary school.

It was thus that the seniors all left, leaving Han Zhuoli and Lu Man behind.

After being so busy for an entire day, Lu Man was extremely tired.

After she cleaned up, she went to the bedroom.

It turned out that the bedroom where she changed her clothes in earlier was the master bedroom.

“Are you very tired” Han Zhuoli asked after he came out of the bathroom and saw Lu Man lying lazily on the bed and not moving at all.

Lu Man opened her eyes, but she was still feeling too lazy to move.

Eventually, she just rolled over, grabbed Han Zhuolis long fingers, and played with them mindlessly.


To prepare for the competition, I wasnt able to get much proper rest lately and my mind has been really tensed.

I finally managed to feel more relaxed today.

It just feels like this really tense string in me has finally loosened, and so my entire body feels lazy too.” And perhaps because she was so touched and moved by Han Zhuoli today, Lu Man started becoming a little clingy too.

When she saw Han Zhuoli sit down by the side of the bed, she lazily dragged her body across, her body still sticking onto the bed and refusing to get up.

After much effort, she finally dragged herself to his side and rested her head on his lap like it was a pillow.

Seeing that, Han Zhuoli smiled helplessly.

He flicked her on the forehead.

“So lazy! Then what about me tonight”

“What about you tonight” Lu Man opened her eyes and looked at him with confusion.

“I didnt perform well today” Han Zhuoli asked her with raised eyebrows.

“You did.” Was that not obvious “You perform extremely well every day.”

Being with him, every day felt like they were madly in love.

People often say that dating or married couples would lose their passion for each other after a while of being together.

Dating couples, especially, definitely wouldnt be able to drag their love for a long time.

As time dragged on, their feelings would only fade and they wouldnt think about marriage anymore.

As for married couples, after a long time, their love would fade away too, leaving only familial ties behind and a habit of having each other as a companion.

However, Lu Man never had such a feeling at all.

Perhaps it was because she and Han Zhuoli hadnt been together for a long enough time yet.

But if she counted it properly, it had surprisingly already been one year since she got together with him.

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