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Chapter 810: The Third Present Is Me

But as Han Zhuoli held it in his hand, the more he looked at her foot, the more he liked it.

Her toenails were painted a faint shade of pink, bringing out her skin tone, making it seem even fairer.

Lu Man covered her face.

She couldnt see anything.

Suddenly, she felt a light touch on her toes.

She was so shocked, she hurriedly peeled her hands away from her face and took a look.

She saw that Han Zhuoli had just kissed her toe.

With a poof, Lu Mans face bloomed bright red, as if her head would explode at any moment.

“How… how could you just kiss there!” Lu Man felt extremely ashamed.

Just after she spoke, she felt a cool feeling around her ankles.

She took a look again.

To her surprise, he actually put on that short chain around her ankle.

It turned out that it was an ankle bracelet.

The length was perfect.

The chain was very thin.

It was like a thin thread, laying lightly on her fair skin.

Thankfully, Lu Mans ankle was thin and slender too.

The thin ankle bracelet made her calf look even more slender and fair.

The rose gold color brought out the fairness in her skin, making it look as creamy as milk.

It made Han Zhuoli start salivating just looking at it.

While Lu Man was stuck in her daze and shock, Han Zhuoli also put on the other ankle bracelet for her.

Once Lu Man moved her leg, the crisp sound of the bell would ring.

“Ding ding ding ding.” It was llke some unknown tune.

In an instant, Lu Man didnt dare to move anymore.

As long as she moved, it would make a sound.

She felt really weird.

Han Zhuoli brought that other long chain over as well.

A cool, chilly feeling came from her waist.

Only then did Lu Man realize that the long chain was surprisingly supposed to be worn around her waist.

Her waist was slender, her curves exceptionally beautiful.

Her abdomen was flat and smooth.

Even though she didnt have any abdomen muscle lines, her skinny, soft, and fair waist was even more enticing.

The thin rose gold chain hung loosely around her waist.

Han Zhuoli looked at it over and over and, suddenly, his breath started becoming heavy.

He lowered his head and, following the thin chain around her waist, kissed her gently on her light and soft skin.

Lu Mans abdomen couldnt help but tense up tightly, trembling furiously.

She placed her hands on his shoulders for support.

Not knowing what she was thinking either, she could only call his name slowly over and over again.

“Zhuoli… Zhuoli…”

“Im here,” Han Zhuoli said softly, but he didnt stop kissing her.

His palms held onto her slender wrists and placed them by the side of her face.

His fingertip stroked gently across her wrist, as if he was measuring something.

“This is how I hold onto your wrist every single day.

How could I not know how thin your wrists are” Han Zhuoli said against her lips.

Lu Man suddenly felt her wrists burning furiously.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli suddenly released her wrists but grabbed onto her ankles instead.

“Even here, I hold onto them every day too.

Even with my eyes closed, I could roughly guess how thin these are.”

Lu Man blushed.

Suddenly, she realized that there was a deeper meaning to the words “holding onto her every day.”

Oh gosh, she had been stained!

Lu Man whimpered and covered her face.

However, every time Han Zhuoli held onto her wrists, wasnt it only when… doing that

Han Zhuoli laughed gently.

He hooked the ankle bracelet around his fingers.

“This is the second birthday present.”

Lu Mans senses were already sort of lost.

In a daze, she asked, “The second present.

Is there still a third”

“Yes.” Han Zhuolis hoarse voice tightened slightly.

“Its me.”

Just as he finished speaking, he entered her.

Lu Man moaned and moaned as she hugged Han Zhuoli tightly.

Following his movements, Lu Mans ankle and waist shook too.

The bells on the chain rang crisply.

Sometimes, it was rushed and urgent while sometimes, it was slow and steady.

It really was like a beautiful melody was being performed.

Lu Man was too embarrassed to listen to it.

The sound of the bells was completely following his rhythm!

As she listened to the “ding ring ring” sound, she felt extremely bashful.

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