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“Actors are like that too.

You cant allow them to be stubborn and willful.

It clearly was a pretty good opportunity, but its just going to waste like this.

Its such a pity.

At such times, the manager should try to persuade them.

You cant let them be willful and miss such a good opportunity.”

Hu Zhonghui blinked.

Her expression entirely confused, she asked, “What good opportunity”

“…” Wang Lijun choked a little and said, “Isnt it this program, The Performer It really is pretty good.

Xing Ke Station is one of the top television stations in our country.

They are very good at increasing the popularity of their own programs.

As long as its a variety show from their station, it will definitely be popular.

Actors whove appeared on their variety shows all become famous too.

At the very least, they could reach a higher level of fame than they had before.

So many people want to use Xing Ke Stations shows to stand out.

Its such a good opportunity, so how could you just let Lu Man give up on it”

Ni Xue tugged on Wang Lijun.

“Sister Jun, why are you talking so much to them”

Actually, Wang Lijun wasnt advising them.

Xu Yaojie had already stated his position anyway.

Even if Lu Man regretted her choice, he wouldnt accept her again.

So she was just being wise after the fact!

She could even get a rush from lecturing them and increasing her own sense of superiority.

With Hu Zhonghui as a contrast, wouldnt it bring out just how amazing she was as a manager

More so, it made Lu Man seem like she was really unlucky to have ended up with such a useless manager like Hu Zhonghui.

“Ah, that show!” Hu Zhonghui waved her hand without a care.

“So be it if she doesnt appear on it.

It doesnt matter.”

Would Lu Man even be lacking in show appearances

As long as Lu Man wanted it, Han Zhuoli could especially design a show just for her.

Other managers were all fretting about finding as many resources and opportunities for their artistes.

But Hu Zhonghui didnt have to feel any stress in that area.

Han Zhuoli had said long ago, everything would be based on Lu Mans mood.

She could do whatever she wanted.

There was no need to force her.

Wang Lijun was badly choked up by Hu Zhonghuis nonchalant behavior.

Great, Hu Zhonghui wasnt even anxious at all.

Why did she bother so much anyway!

Wang Lijun stood up and said, “Theres nothing else going on after this.

Xiao Xue still has some work.

Well then, Dean, we will be taking our leave first.”

Not long after Wang Lijun and Ni Xue left, Principal Liu hurriedly rushed over.

“Whats the matter I heard from Dean He that you two have rejected the contract for The Performer.

Youre not participating” Principal Liu asked the moment he stepped in.

Right now, he was in so much pain that his teeth were aching so much.

It was fine if Lu Man rejected it; she had such a strong backing.

She didnt even have to care about The Performer.

But why was Li Zeyu joining along too!

Li Zeyu said, “Principal, I trust Lu Mans judgment.

She isnt participating in it, so this program must have its own corrupt practices.”

Principal Lius teeth ached even more.

What corrupt practices Lu Man completely didnt care about that.

She had a strong backer, so she could be willful.

Lu Man was very surprised.

Li Zeyu actually believed in her so much.

“Why didnt you join it” Lu Man asked.

Li Zeyu shook his head.

“Youve never been wrong, so this time too, I trust your judgment.

You arent even participating in it, so I think its better to follow you.”

Lu Man didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

She completely didnt expect that Li Zeyu would blindly trust her like that.

“Alright, then.” Lu Man smiled.

“You wont be wrong believing in me.”

Principal Liu was anxious but he couldnt blow up at Lu Man either.

“Tell me, then, what exactly are you guys thinking Its such a good opportunity—you could improve your acting skills, battle with so many skilled seniors, and even raise your popularity.

Through this show, you could let people see your acting skills.

Maybe some director would even take a liking to you, and thats another opportunity too.

Moreover, you can also let the audience see that students from our National Film Academy have better acting skills than those from the National Drama Academy.”

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