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“Three people from our National Film Academy got into The Performer while only two people from the National Drama Academy got in.

The audience will be able to see that.

There are so many benefits, but you didnt want them.”

“Look, it had been an arduous journey for you to advance to the next stage.

You finally succeeded after so much effort, yet you decided to give up at this moment.

What were you two thinking” Principal Liu was really anxious.

Not only for the school but also because they gave up on this opportunity.

Nevermind that Lu Man gave up.

With Han Zhuoli around, she didnt have to worry about any opportunities.

She did have the right to be picky.

But what about Li Zeyu

“You, tell me about it,” Principal Liu said to Li Zeyu.

“You are still young, you are handsome, and it was so rare for people to give you the title ofrising star. But because you are handsome, your acting skills will often be overlooked.

With people who have average looks, it is easier for people to see their good acting skills.

But towards you, everyone will place most of their attention on your face and will overlook that you do indeed have pretty good acting skills and that you keep improving too.”

“Outstanding looks is an advantage for you, but at the same time, it will hold you back.

It will make others place all their attention on your looks.

The type of roles and characters you take on will tend to be fixed, and people will tend to feel that you are only suitable to act a certain type of character.

They will look for other people if they have roles that require more acting skills or roles that are more challenging.

After all, there are honestly too many actors.

There are so many people eagerly waiting to film something.”Read latest chapters at listnovel.com

“You finally have such an opportunity.

Look at all the past invited guests on The Performer.

They were all skilled actors with actual talent.

Young rising stars, budding starlets, they would only invite those very popular people.

The students from our school cant get in at all right now.

The school discussed with them for a really long time and finally managed to squeeze the top five from the Chinese Arts Championships into the show.

It would be a perfect chance for you to compete with skilled actors.

You can see where you have to improve and let others witness your acting skills.

It will be very beneficial to your future development and widen the paths that you can take.

You two actually wasted such a good opportunity!”

Lu Man finally opened her mouth and said earnestly, “Principal, I know that you are genuinely concerned for us and want us to have a better future.”

Right now, Principal Liu didnt even care that Lu Man was Han Zhuolis fiancee and whether or not he could offend her.

“You know that and you still gave up this opportunity!”

“Please dont be so anxious.” Lu Man knew that Principal Liu genuinely wanted what was best for them and, hence, wasnt angry and even smiled as she consoled him.

“Youre still in the mood to smile!” Principal Liu became even more frustrated.

“Principal, please listen to what Lu Man has to say first,” Li Zeyu said.

“You still have the cheek to talk!” Principal Liu scolded him back.

Li Zeyu ducked his neck and stopped talking.

Right now, he really really couldnt offend Principal Liu.

Lu Man explained, “Thats right, please listen to my analysis.”

Principal Liu pulled a chair and sat opposite them.

“Fine, you can talk.”

Lu Man opened her mouth calmly and, at a comfortable pace, she first talked about the trap in the conditions of the contract.

“According to what the assistant director Xu said, we will have to listen to the production groups every request.

We have to cooperate with their tricks and create popular topics, regardless of whether or not the topic will be beneficial or bad for us ultimately.”

Lu Man smiled.

“But from what I can see, the topics that will land on our head will definitely be bad.

Its not a maybe but a definitely.”

At that moment, Principal Liu, Li Zeyu, and Dean He all recalled Lu Mans job before she entered the entertainment industry.

“Youre that sure” Dean He asked.

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