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Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang saw them from inside the car.

They hurriedly dashed out from the car and blocked Lu Man by standing right in front of her.

Lu Man was caught off-guard.

When she could finally react, she hurriedly pulled Zheng Yuan and the other two and moved back.

Seeing Lu Qiyuans and Xia Qingyangs unfriendly faces, Lu Man said to Zheng Yuan and the others, “You guys go ahead first.”

Zheng Yuan and the others didnt recognize Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang.

In the past, because of Lu Qiyuans scandal, Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang had been reported by the media before.

However, after time had passed, their impressions of them had faded as well.

But seeing the two of them looking so fierce and angry, they knew that the two werent here with good intentions.

How could they just leave Lu Man alone

“Who are they” Pan Xue asked softly.

“Lu Qis parents,” Lu Man explained.

She completely didnt acknowledge Lu Qiyuan anymore.

She didnt want to call her “Dad” ever again, even while she was explaining their identities to other people.

Zheng Yuan and the others almost didnt react to it in time.

Thinking about it for a while, they finally recalled that Lu Qi was Lu Mans half-sister.

So the people right before them, werent they Lu Mans biological father and her step-mother

Han Leileis reaction was the quickest.

Remembering what Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang had done to Lu Man before and seeing that they look like they were here to cause trouble and harm to Lu Man, she quietly said to Zheng Yuan, “Ill go back to school and get help!”

After she spoke, she took off and ran towards the school.

By the time Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang had reacted to it, it was already too late.

Meanwhile, Zheng Yuan and Pan Xue guarded Lu Man on her right and left.

“Lu Man!”

Xiao Chen, who was here to fetch Lu Man, saw this from afar and hurriedly ran over.

With him was, surprisingly, Zhou Cheng.

Lu Man saw Zhou Cheng and Xiao Chen and let out a sigh of relief.

With Zhou Cheng around, even two Lu Qiyuans wouldnt be able to fight him.

Lu Qiyuan didnt expect that there would still be people helping Lu Man now.

He watched as Zhou Cheng and Xiao Chen shielded Lu Man behind them.

Zhou Chengs tall and broad build, in particular, so completely blocked Lu Man that she couldnt be seen.

Lu Qiyuan immediately remembered Zhou Cheng.

Back when Xia Qingwei was still hospitalized and Lu Qiyuan went over, it was him and Xu Hui whod tossed him out of the hospital!

He completely didnt expect that Zhou Cheng would still be around.

That also meant that Zhou Cheng had very likely been left behind by Lu Mans boyfriend to protect her.

Lu Qiyuan had never suspected that Zhou Cheng would be Lu Mans boyfriend.

It was very obvious that Zhou Cheng was a bodyguard.

He also heard from Lu Qi that Lu Mans boyfriend had a pretty good family background.

Zhou Cheng was clearly working for her boyfriend.

Lu Qiyuan remembered that back when Xia Qingwei was hospitalized, Zhou Cheng was already around.

It looked like Lu Qiyuan and that boyfriend had gotten together long ago.

Lu Qiyuan smiled coldly.

He pointed at Zhou Cheng and said to Lu Man, “I remember him.

Back when Xia Qingwei was still hospitalized, he was around.

Back then, you were already together with that fiance of yours, right! Ha! Back then, you were still crying and acting all pitiful, talking about how Qi Qi had stolen Zhengbai, but in truth, you were already being unfaithful to Zhengbai! It completely wasnt Qi Qis fault, yet you still blamed her! B*tch!”

In those moments, as she listened to Lu Qiyuan scolding her like that, Lu Man completely didnt have any feelings at all.

Looking at him was like looking at a stranger.

Zheng Yuan and Pan Xue looked at Lu Qiyuan with disbelief.

How could a father say that to his own biological daughter!

It was like he was talking to an enemy!

Lu Man said to Zheng Yuan and Pan Xue, “Go back and find Han Leilei.

Its alright.

Xiao Chen and Big Brother Zhou are here, they wont be able to hurt me.

You guys can leave first.”

The two of them looked at the situation and felt more reassured.

Hence, they left to find Han Leilei.

Right after they left, they heard Lu Man saying to Zhou Cheng and Xiao Chen, “Lets go.

We dont have to bother with them.”

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