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The two groups of fans were fighting very heatedly, but no one questioned Lu Mans victory.

Because she truly deserved it.

Lu Man acted really well.

Her final score was also much higher than others, such that other people could barely catch up to it.

“On the day of the finals, I went to watch it live.

I was really blown away when I watched it live.

However, after all, there werent so many changes in camera angles, no zoom-in scenes, and so I couldnt really watch certain parts as clearly.

This time, after watching Lu Mans performance once more through the camera lens, I see many more parts that I didnt notice back then.

I really have to say that Lu Man put in a lot of effort into her performance.

This time, through the zoom-in angles, I noticed a lot of fine details.

She was really amazing.”

“I went to watch it live too.

Be it the teachers who helped act in Lu Mans performance or Lu Mans own acting, I was so blown away by them.”

“After watching Lu Mans performance, I have no regrets in my life for being a fan of Lu Man.”

“Honestly speaking, Im not Lu Mans fan, Ive always been neutral towards her.

However, watching her winning performance this time, I think Im starting to understand why Director Sun Yiwu chose her despite her having no performance experience at all.

She really has natural-born talent.”

“Thats right, talent.

Weve all forgotten about this point.

From the time Lu Man acted in Greedy Wolf Operation until now, only around a years time had passed.

When Lu Man acted in Greedy Wolf Operation, her performance was already quite surprising.

However, back then, perhaps you could say it was thanks to Director Sun as he taught her well.

But dont forget, since Lu Man entered the National Film Academy until now, it has only been about a year.

She has only had one year of proper performance training, and her acting has improved so much.

What Director Sun said back then was right, Lu Man was born to be in this industry.”

Even the fans of Ni Xue, Zhang Xiaoying, and the fans of those who were against Lu Man, after watching Lu Mans performance, still couldnt find anything to nitpick on.

“Quick, look at the statement released by The Performer‘s official Weibo account!” A netizen directly reposted the statement released on The Performer‘s official Weibo account.

The statement was as below:

The top five students from the Chinese Arts Championships, which was organized by the 23 schools and co-organized by Xing Ke Station, won the opportunity to join The Performer and have a chance to compete with 30 top celebrities using their skills.

Previously, the production team of The Performer has contacted the top five students.

Of these, Chang Yachen and Yang Ruitian from the National Drama Academy as well as Ni Xue from the National Film Academy have already agreed and signed the contract with The Performer.

As for Li Zeyu and Lu Man from the National Film Academy, they have chosen to leave the program due to various reasons.

The production team of The Performer would like to express their regret here, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Thank you.

“What Lu Man wont be joining The Performer”

“Li Zeyu wont be participating in it either”

“Whats going on Leaving due to various reasons What reasons Why”

“Its common if one person chooses not to join it.

Perhaps they could have some reason like conflicting schedules or something, but if two people both arent joining, then there must be something else going on.”

“Could it be that there are some things happening behind the scenes! Why are the two people with the best acting skills not joining”

“They finally made it to the top five after so much effort.

Didnt they put in so much hard work just so they could enter The Performer and compete Why did they suddenly decide not to join”

Li Zeyus fans all blew up.

“Xiao Yu, why are you quitting Its such a good opportunity!”

“This time, it looks like The Performer has invited a lot of currently popular celebrities.

From popular young stars and budding starlets to people who have won the Best Actor or Best Actress award.

Even the guest judges are all big shots from the acting world.”

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