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Chapter 863 Do You Still Have the Right to Talk About This

Xu Yaojie gritted his teeth and looked towards Ge Guangzhen.

Ge Guangzhen then said, “Assistant Director Xu, right now, the netizens are attacking our show and your person.

But no matter what, we cant let anything happen to our show.

The station invested a lot in this, and we have already paid for the advertisement and publicity fees, as well as many other things.

No matter what, the show cannot take any losses.

Because this situation was started by you, we can only let you come out to apologize.

You are a member of our production group and must bear the responsibility to deal with this situation well for our show.”

Ge Guangzhen breathed in.

“Actually, this situation is not considered to be an injustice to you.

If, on the day of the contract signing, your attitude had been better and you had not looked down on Lu Man, if you had controlled your temper and watched your mouth, you would not have caused trouble to this extent.”

“At that time, if you had directly had them successfully sign the contract, so what if our show has internal workings Theyd have already signed the contract, so how could they have still managed to make trouble” Ge Guangzhen paused before saying in irritation, “Alright, the situation has already reached this stage, so I dont want to continue reprimanding you.

No matter how much we say, it would be no use.

But you must definitely take responsibility for the situation this time.

Go online and apologize.”

“If you want me to apologize, its alright,” Xu Yaojie said.

“But I want to know, will you punish me after this situation”

Ge Guangzhen smiled in anger.

“Do you still have the right to talk about this”

“I just want to know,” Xu Yaojie said.

“Will you make me quit the show”

“To speak the truth, whether you will be punished or not is no longer in my hands.

This situation has caused the stations leaders to be moved into action, so what exactly will happen will depend on them.

But as long as you do your best to take the blame for the situation, I will try to help you as best as I can in front of the leaders of the station.

Furthermore, you wont need to quit the production crew of the show.”

Xu Yaojie let out a breath of relief.


When Xu Yaojie went out, Ge Guangzhen told Assistant Director Wang, “You should go and prepare to take over Assistant Director Xus work.”

Assistant Director Wang was shocked.

Didnt they agree that Xu Yaojie would not be leaving the production crew

Ge Guangzhen said, “Although Im not going to make Xu Yaojie leave, I have to punish him in order to frighten him.

Xu Yaojie is not leaving the production group, but I cant not give him any punishment at all, right That basically would give him the message that the leaders of the station are not taking this seriously.

How many people will he offend if he goes on like this Its the recent happenings that has softened his temper a lot.

But the assistant directors job cannot be handed over to him for the time being.

When the program starts recording, he might not be able to control his mouth and say something.

Give him a little less core work to do for now so that he cant touch anything important.

Hed also have no inside story to tell that way.

Even if you are already busy, you should take over his job for the time being.

Ill call an assistant director to take over Xu Yaojies work as soon as possible.”

What else could Assistant Director Wang say

He could only agree.

Xu Yaojie went to Team Leader Wu to discuss how he should say it.

Lu Man and Hu Zhonghui were at home when they received Han Zhuolis call.

“I was having a meeting just now, so I did not know.

I heard of what happened to you only after the meeting was over,” Han Zhuoli said in the call.

“Dont come over, continue your work,” Lu Man hurriedly said.

“I have nothing on over here, its all been solved.

Before long, Xu Yaojie should be apologizing.”

Hu Zhonghui cursed in her heart at the side.

Lu Man could even guess this

Han Zhuoli was talking to Lu Man as he looked at the newest happenings on the Internet on his tablet.

As Lu Man had said, the whole situation had been controlled by her a long time ago.

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